Dell Launching Video Conferencing Monitors With Microsoft Teams Support

Dell is launching three new monitors with dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons and support for Windows facial recognition.

Tech Giants Form Modern Computing Alliance to Transform Cloud

Some of the biggest names in tech have formed the Modern Computing Alliance, with the goal of transforming the cloud and its tools.

Dell: 80% of Companies Fast-Tracked Digital Transformation

A Dell commissioned an independent survey of 4,300 worldwide business leaders indicates a massive shift toward digital transformation in 2020 accelerated by the pandemic.

Apple’s Silicon Will Force Microsoft to Adopt ARM

Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive, has postulated that Apple’s move to custom silicon will force Microsoft to move to ARM.

Lenova Expands Linux Certification to Its Entire Lineup

In good news for Linux, Lenovo has expanded its Linux certification to its entire ThinkPad and ThinkStation lineup.

Coronavirus: Pandemic Boon to Cloud Providers, Doom For Legacy Companies

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, it’s proving to be a defining moment for cloud computing. At the same time, it could spell doom for legacy companies.

Microsoft Expected To Make Major Cloud Gains At The Expense Of—Everyone

On the heals of a survey showing Microsoft making significant inroads in the cloud industry, Morgan Stanley has even worse news for the company’s competitors, according to Business Insider. In the previous survey by Goldman Sachs—despite AWS taking in the…

CES 2020: AMD Goes After Intel’s Mobile Business With Ryzen 4000

AMD used CES 2020 to unveil its Ryzen 4000 mobile processors, according to TechRadar. Intel has had a rough go of it lately. They were forced out of the 5G modem business by what they described as anticompetitive practices on…

Dell Launches 5G Laptop With 30-Hour Battery

Ahead of CES 2020, Dell has made a splash with a 5G laptop that aims for 30-hour battery life. 5G promises to revolutionize industries and usher in an all-new era of connectivity for consumers and industries alike. Dell is taking…

iOS Support Coming To Dell Mobile Connect

Dell is going to great lengths to appeal to iPhone users, with plans to expand its Mobile Connect options to iOS. Dell Mobile Connect brings some of the functionality Mac users take for granted to Dell’s ecosystem. It “provides a…