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NMPA Sues Twitter for $250 Million Over Copyright Violations
The National Music Publishers' Association has sued Twitter for copyright violations, saying the company has done nothing to address the issue....
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YouTube Wins Major EU Copyright Ruling
YouTube has won a major copyright ruling in the EU, one that will have far-reaching impacts on internet platforms....
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US Supreme Court Sides With Google Over Oracle
The US Supreme Court has handed Google a decisive victory in its decade-long battle with Oracle over the Android operating system (OS)....
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YouTube Can Now Check For Copyright Issues During Upload
YouTube is rolling out a major new feature designed to protect content creators, warning them of potential copyright issues during upload....
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Security Firm Corellium Wins Copyright Battle Against Apple
A federal judge has sided with Corellium in the case Apple brought against it, ruling the company’s software met the burden of “fair use.”...
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Oracle’s Copyright Case Against Google Goes to Supreme Court
Google’s Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system (OS) on the plant. According to Oracle, however, it’s built at least in pa...
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Facebook Doesn’t Own Your Photos, But Someone There Thought It Might
Here’s an interesting story of a Facebook rep not quite understanding the company’s policies (or understanding them perfectly … muah...
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Grooveshark Has Been Resurrected … For Now
Earlier this month, Grooveshark shut down. A week after a judge ruled that the music streaming service made “willfull” copyright violations, the m...
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Grooveshark Shuts Down, Offers Apology to Music Industry
Grooveshark is dead. You remember Grooveshark, right? Just a week after a judge ruled that the music streaming service made “willfull” cop...
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Cat Draws YouTube Copyright Claim with Its Derivative Purring
In this story, cats and lame copyright bullshit collide. It’s the perfect internet story. Have you ever heard a cat purring and thought, man thi...
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YouTube Shows What Will Happen To Your Video When You Use A Song
When you’re uploading a video with music on YouTube, you can now search the YouTube Audio Library to determine how using a specific song will go...
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Yahoo Angers Photographers By Selling Their Work
How would you feel if the photo storage service you use decided to start selling your photos, and not share the profits with you? That’s what Ya...
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EU Court: Video Embeds Don’t Violate Copyright Law
When it comes to the usage of media on the Internet, there has always been a lot of debate about what’s acceptable versus what’s unaccepta...
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Google Settles Photographer Copyright Suit
Google announced that it has settled with a group of photographers, visual artists, and affiliated associations over a lawsuit related to copyrighted ...
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Getty Images Sues Microsoft Over Bing Image Tool
Getty Images is suing Microsoft over a tool the latter recently launched enabling people to embed slideshows of images from Bing Image Search on their...
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Yahoo Complains About ‘Unconstitutional’ Copyright Law
Yahoo has complained to Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court about a copyright law, which it says is unconstitutional. The law in question see...
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Google And Viacom Settle Once And For All
Google and Viacom have finally settled their lengthy legal battle over copyright once and for all. The companies both announced the news Tuesday morni...
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You Can Now Use Millions Of High-Quality Pics From Getty On You Site For Free
Getty Images, long known for suing people for using its photos on blogs, has surprised the Internet by making millions of them free to use. The photog...
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De La Soul Are Giving Away Their Music for 25 Hours
De La Soul are giving away all of their music–for free–for a limited time. The famed hip hip trio is looking to give fans access to many of their ...
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Yelp Discloses Lobbying Efforts, CEO Sells 15,000 Shares
A couple of interesting pieces of Yelp news have surfaced in that the company is lobbying for patent reform and copyright laws, and CEO Jeremy Stoppel...
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