Bing Adds Conduit Apps to Search Results

Conduit, if you don’t know, is the largest global network of browser and mobile app publishers (accounting for 260,000 members and their 250 million users), and now all of the apps in its network are discoverable in Bing. “The move…

Bing Supplants Google As Conduit Partner

Conduit – an organization that powers apps for more than 260,000 Web publishers – has been a partner of Google’s for four of the six years the smaller company’s existed.  Big changes are underway, however, as Conduit has picked Bing to act as a partner going forward.

Groupon Introduces Browser Deal App

Social shopping website Groupon has launched a new Groupon Browser App powered by Conduit.

The Groupon Browser App alerts users no matter where they are online, when new deals are available. Using location-based targeting, the app works directly in the browser and shows users “Today’s Deal.” The app allows users to share deals with others via email, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


Conduit: We’re Doing for Web Apps What iPhone Did for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have captured much press and imagination this week, as Google has unveiled its App Inventor project, but Conduit is reminding everyone that web apps are big business.

The company has announced that its network has grown to over 250,000 app publishers & 170 million users, with adoption of apps by end-users increasing 233% between last July and last month.

Conduit: Google’s Labpixies Acquisition Validates App Marketing Opportunities

Apps are big business. From big brands to small ones, businesses are finding creative and interesting ways to harness apps to get customers engaged, to market their products, to drive traffic, and to drive sales.