Groupon Introduces Browser Deal App

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Social shopping website Groupon has launched a new Groupon Browser App powered by Conduit.

The Groupon Browser App alerts users no matter where they are online, when new deals are available. Using location-based targeting, the app works directly in the browser and shows users “Today's Deal.” The app allows users to share deals with others via email, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.




“Groupon offers amazing deals and we want to put them in front of consumers any way we can,” said Sean Smyth, VP of Business Development, Groupon.

“Our first browser app complements existing marketing tools and opens the door to reach consumers in a whole new way. Conduit’s massive distribution channel will expose Groupon to millions of new consumers around the world.”

The Groupon Browser App is available in the Conduit App Marketplace. The app is available to all 260,000 web publishers and users in the Conduit Network. The app is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.