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Christina Applegate Stars in Weird New Fruitwater Ad
Christina Applegate joined her former on-screen mother this week as Katey Sagal accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two were also joine...
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Coca Cola’s ‘America The Beautiful’ Ad Causes Controversy
This year Coca Cola ditched its lovable polar bears, opting instead for  for a more arousing Super Bowl commercial. Coca Cola chose to go with an ad ...
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Chevrolet Silverado Super Bowl Ad Gets Romantic
Hello Ladies In what’s becoming a popular move, companies are releasing Super Bowl ads before the big game on Sunday in an effort to generate in...
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Kids Remain Focal Point Of Netflix Marketing
Netflix has released yet another ad pushing its Netflix Kids offering with a new YouTube upload “Netflix ‘Supplies’ Ad Spot”. ...
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Here’s That Awesome Walking Dead Time Warner Ad
There were a lot of commercials during the Super Bowl that got people talking, as usual. For some reason, I haven’t heard much today about this ...
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Dell Dude (Slacker Steve) Thinks He’s The Cure for Dell’s Ailments
Last week, it was announced that former force in PC manufacturing Dell was participating in buyout talks, which have included rumors of Microsoft thro...
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Make Your Kids (And Potential Employers) Think You’re Smarter Than You Are With The Google Search App
Google has put out a couple new ads for its Search App. The last time they did that (in November), we saw a little girl and her mother figure out how ...
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James Franco Multitasks With His Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 In This New Ad
Samsung has put out a new, nearly three-minute commercial for the Galaxy Note 10.1, featuring (and apparently directed by) James Franco, showing us ho...
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A Different, Funnier Take On That Martin Scorsese Siri Commercial
Last week, we showed you an a new iPhone 4S commercial featuring Martin Scorsese using Siri. While much tamer, we couldn’t help but be reminded ...
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This New Martin Scorsese Siri Commercial Is A Lot Tamer Than Taxi Driver
Apple has put out a new iPhone/Siri commercial featuring famed director Martin Scorsese. This follows ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich ...
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Google’s Nexus 7 Is The Perfect Dinosaur Hunter
We were pretty impressed with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. It’s a great piece of hardware that’s complemented by the always impressive J...
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Are Toshiba’s New Device Commercials Unnecessarily Sexist?
Sex sells. If you’ve been around any commercials that are shown during sporting events, this is readily apparent. Whether it’s Budweiser g...
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Durex Commercials Push The Envelope, Still Fun
When making a commercial, or, well, any attempting any big marketing push, the goal is to get people talking. Talking about the product, the commercia...
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Google+’s First Commercial For the UK
While Google+‘s commercial with The Muppets has been on in the United States since the Oscars, the search engine introduced the ad copy to the U...
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Kate Upton’s Zoo York Commercial Is Too Hot For MTV, Adult Swim [Video]
Last month, model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Kate Upton blew up the twitterfeed when she filmed the hottest hamburger advertiseme...
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Covering The Three Little Pigs In a Social Media Era
How would the modern world cover the conspiracy surrounding The Three Little Pigs? Would they blame the wolf? Would Twitter trends pop up in support o...
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New iPhone 4S Ads Still Pushing Siri As Standout Feature
Are you guys still using Siri? As an iPhone 4S owner myself, I’ve noticed that I’ve been using Apple’s voice assistant less and less...
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The Will Ferrell Super Bowl Commercial You Didn’t See [VIDEO]
Whatever you think and feel about the Super Bowl and the highly commercialized cult of consumerism that permeates every vein and pore of the event, yo...
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Super Bowl Commercials: What Makes Them Effective?
What is it that makes a Super Bowl ad so great? Is it something funny, inspiring, unbelievable, or what? According to Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll, a l...
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Relive Super Bowl Commercial History With Hulu’s AdZone
Hulu hopes to make some people’s favorite part of the Super Bowl, the ads, more accesible. Today, they announced the launch of AdZone, where the...
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