Kate Upton's Zoo York Commercial Is Too Hot For MTV, Adult Swim [Video]


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Last month, model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Kate Upton blew up the twitterfeed when she filmed the hottest hamburger advertisement ever for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Now she has a new steamy commercial coming out, this time for skateboard and clothing company Zoo York, and this one's so racy that MTV and Adult Swim won't run it.

Thats right: MTV and Adult Swim won't touch it. Now that's risqué.

Here's the rundown (though you won't find it nearly as interesting as the video below): Upton runs through New York's Tompkin's Square Park in a sports bra. She gets ogled by a pair of profane, lascivious talking cockroaches, who sit on a dumpster and play with skateboarding-themed innuendo. But why am I still typing? Here's the video, which is most definitely Not Safe For Work:

MTV and the Adult Swim Network have refused the ad, but it is still scheduled to run on other networks starting in April. The profanity will be bleeped out, but Upton will still be hot.

[Hat Tip, Business Insider]