The Will Ferrell Super Bowl Commercial You Didn't See [VIDEO]


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Whatever you think and feel about the Super Bowl and the highly commercialized cult of consumerism that permeates every vein and pore of the event, you can't really deny this: Will Ferrell had an awesome spot in that Old Milwaukee Beer commercial.

The only catch: you didn't see it.

Nobody did. Well, almost nobody - one small community of people in North Platte, Nebraska, saw it because that was the only area in the country where the ad appeared. In fact, Deadspin reports that North Platte is the second-smallest TV market in the country. In case you don't live in North Platte (and since there's less than 25K people that live there, you probably don't) and thus missed the commercial, here's the epically elusive ad for Old Milwaukee Beer featuring Will Ferrell:

Beyond the hilarious fact that this ad was only seen by a mere handful of people on a day celebrated for commercial exuberance, the 15-second ad cuts off to the local news affiliate right as Ferrell beings to talk! That totally wins February. It does. It wins this month, likely March, and maybe even a few more months ahead. Amazing.

Somewhere, whether he's dead or alive, Andy Kaufman is wearing that crazed smile of his with approval.

PS - If you're so inclined, an HD version of this can be viewed at the above link to Deadspin.