Google's Nexus 7 Is The Perfect Dinosaur Hunter

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We were pretty impressed with Google's Nexus 7 tablet. It's a great piece of hardware that's complemented by the always impressive Jelly Bean. If anything, it's only fault is that of Google Play and its somewhat paltry offerings.

Well, Google is now kicking the Nexus 7 marketing machine into gear with the device's first ad. It's pretty cute and does a good job of selling the Nexus 7 as a device that's ready for any occasion. Check out how the Nexus 7 can be used on a camping trip:

Does the ad make you want to buy a Nexus 7? I already want one after playing around with the tablet here at the office, but the ad only terrifies me. It's one thing to go on a camping trip, but the Nexus 7 also confirmed the existence of velociraptors in suburban backyards everywhere. I guess it's a blessing in a disguise that Google was the first to document the proliferation of violent dinosaurs.

If the ad has you wanting a Nexus 7 for camping (or dinosaur hunting), you can pick one up right now at Google Play. The tablet will also be available at select retailers like Staples and GameStop. You might want to wait on buying the tablet from the Play Store, however, as the 16 GB model is sold out.

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