Google+'s First Commercial For the UK

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While Google+'s commercial with The Muppets has been on in the United States since the Oscars, the search engine introduced the ad copy to the United Kingdom, making it Google's first ad campaign for that particular region. Apparently, the tag line for this particular campaign is "That's a plus."

I, for some reason, am happy Google didn't capitalize the "plus" when it appeared. As The Guardian points out, Google+'s reach in the United Kingdom is lacking, at best:

Meanwhile Facebook remains the monolith of the web - taking almost 18% of people's entire internet time in the UK during January. None of the other social networks managed more than 1% of UK "user minutes" for the same period; the blogging site managed 0.55%, followed by Twitter, with 0.27%, and the "business social network" LinkedIn with 0.22%. Google+ and Pinterest both had 0.01% of total internet time, by ComScore's figures.

Will The Muppets help save Google+ in the UK or will it remain an also-ran to services like Facebook and Twitter? As The Next Web indicates, a few the UK's major media outlets have joined Google+--The Financial Times and The Telegraph--as have Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg (the liberal leader) and Ed Milliband (leader of the Labour Party). Does the presence of political leaders make Google+ a more attractive service to use for UK citizens?

Let us know what you think.