T-Mobile Takes Aim at Comcast With Latest 5G Home Internet Promo

T-Mobile is taking aim at Comcast with its latest 5G Home Internet promotion, inviting customers to “Make Xfinity Your Ex.”

Comcast Continues Its Race to the Bottom With $27 ‘Broadcast TV’ Fee

Comcast is once again showing why it is among the most hated companies in America, charging customers a $27 “Broadcast TV” fee.

Comcast Ties Higher Upload Speeds to $25 a Month Equipment Rental

Comcast is once again proving why it has earned its place as one of America’s most hated companies.

Xfinity Customers Are Getting a Speed Boost

More than 20 million Xfinity customers are getting a speed boost, in some cases as much as double the speeds they previously had.

Walmart Explores Streaming Deals With Top Platforms

Walmart is reportedly exploring deals with top streaming platforms with a view to adding them to its Walmart+ bundle.

Microsoft’s Netflix Formula: Promise Big and Don’t Compete

Microsoft surprised the industry Netflix chose the Redmond company for its advertising ambitions, but Microsoft had a winning formula.

ISPs Spent $8.2 Million Buying Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Comments

A new report by the New York Attorney General shows the largest US ISPs funded a campaign that resulted in millions of fake comments opposing net neutrality.

Comcast Teases 4Gbps Speeds — Just Not Yet

Comcast has successfully broke the 4Gbps speed barrier in a lab test, holding out promise for substantially faster internet speeds.

Comcast Commits $1 Billion to Help 50 Million Low-Income Families

Comcast has announced it is committing $1 billion over the next 10 years, to help low-income families close the digital divide.

DOJ Halts Net Neutrality Lawsuit Against California

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has withdrawn a lawsuit challenging California’s net neutrality rules.

Comcast Delaying Data Caps After Pushback

Comcast is delaying its plans to impose data caps amid pushback from consumers and lawmakers alike.

Comcast Will Raise Internet and TV Prices in January

Comcast is not winning any popularity contests this week as it announces internet and TV price hikes on the heels of expanding data caps.

Comcast Expanding Data Caps, Will Charge Overage Fees

At a time when Americans are relying on internet access more than ever, Comcast Xfinity is rolling out data caps across its market.

Net Neutrality and a Biden Presidency

A Biden presidency could have an enormous impact on net neutrality, one of the most contested rules in recent years.

Walmart and Comcast May Partner On Smart TVs

Walmart and Comcast are in talks to partner on smart TVs running Comcast’s software.

Comcast Joins Mozilla’s Secure Browsing Initiative

Comcast has become the first ISP to join Mozilla’s initiative and “provide Firefox users with private and secure encrypted Domain Name System (DNS) services through Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) Program.”

Comcast Hotspots Free to All Through 2020

Comcast has announced that its Xfinity WiFi hotspots will remain free and open to anyone through the rest of 2020.

Carriers Extend Service Protection Due to Coronavirus

Comcast, T-Mobile and Verizon have announced they will extend their coronavirus service protection policies until at least June 30.

Coronavirus: Wireless and Internet Providers Join ‘Keep Americans Connected Pledge’

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple wireless and internet providers have joined the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected Pledge.”

Coronavirus: AT&T and Comcast Do Their Part to Help Telecommuters

AT&T and Comcast have both adjusted their home internet packages in an effort to assist Americans who will be telecommuting as a result of the coronavirus.