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Tag: Chris Christie

Chris Christie Addresses His Face At Trump’s Press Conference
Chris Christie and his face made some serious rounds on social media this week after he attended Donald Trump‘s victory speech/press conference ...
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Chris Christie: Do Terrorism Fears Have Something To Do With Surge In Polls?
Chris Christie has seen a surprise surge in popularity since his intense focus on New Hampshire in the last couple of months. In the latest Public Pol...
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Chris Christie Wants to Stop New Jersey to Cuba Flights
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to ground flights from his state to Cuba. The reason? He wants a woman convicted of killing a state trooper e...
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Megyn Kelly: Is She Moderating Second Republican Debate?
Megyn Kelly emerged from the first Republican debate as a feminist hero of sorts, for taking on Donald Trump and the sexist remarks he is known for ma...
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Kelly Ayotte Takes Early Stance To Defend Her Seat
Kelly Ayotte is already gearing up for her next political fight. The popular New Hampshire Republican senator is already being forced to guard her pos...
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Chris Christie: Parenting Trumps Being A Public Official
Chris Christie did his best to avoid getting himself into a sticky wicket during a trip to London on Monday, sidestepping questions about his disagree...
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Kaci Hickox “Back to Normal” Post Ebola Quarantine
Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey and then ordered to self-monitor in Maine for the Ebola virus, said her life is “back t...
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Ebola Quarantine Acceptable to New Jersey Voters
A poll conducted in New Jersey revealed that most voters agreed with Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to quarantine a nurse from Maine who had rec...
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Kaci Hickox: Judge Rules In Favor Of Nurse Over Quarantine Lawsuit
Kaci Hickox, the nurse who made the news after a very public battle with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Maine Governor Paul LePage over Ebola ...
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Ebola In New Jersey: Hospitals And Politicians Ready
Ebola isn’t in New Jersey yet and it won’t be if Chris Christie and New Jersey’s super-prepared hospitals have any say. Christie has...
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Ebola in New Jersey? Not If Christie Has a Say
Three people have now been diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. and one of them has died. The small outbreak seems to have been contained to just one Dall...
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Weight Loss: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Disputes 85-Pound Report
Last February, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie underwent lap band surgery to address his weight problems. The procedure was done quietly, and Chris...
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Chris Christie: Jimmy Fallon Helps Him Dance Past Bridge Scandal
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared to use Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and a whole lot of humor to help him move past his recent bridge sca...
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Chris Christie Looking Slimmer, Ready To Campaign?
Chris Christie is looking slimmer and a little more fit these days! Could this be to squash those who criticize the heavyweight politician for being t...
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Chris Christie: White House Hopes Ruined By Controversy?
One has to give some credit to Chris Christie. Despite being in the midst of a major scandal, he does not see it as something that could hamper his pr...
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Christina Renna Denies Any Role In NJ Bridge Scandal
A former Chris Christie aide testified on Tuesday as to the possible role the administration may have had in George Washington bridge lane-closures. T...
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Tesla Fight in Jersey Gets Anthony Weiner Comment
Despite his misfortune of being a fellow named “Weiner” who got caught up in a scandal of his own making for sending pics of his Johnson t...
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Chris Christie Cleared in Internal Probe
An internal probe paid for by the governor of New Jersey has cleared Chris Christie in any involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closure sc...
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Chris Christie Battles More Protests Than Ever
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no stranger to shouting protestors. In fact, the governor has built a reputation on not being afraid to tell peo...
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Tesla Sales Jeopardized in New Jersey
It’s clear now that Tesla Motors is a threat to traditional automakers. The company’s luxury Tesla Model S receive the highest safety rati...
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