Ebola In New Jersey: Hospitals And Politicians Ready

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Ebola isn't in New Jersey yet and it won't be if Chris Christie and New Jersey's super-prepared hospitals have any say.

Christie has created a response team just in case there is ever Ebola in New Jersey.

The 2016 possible presidential candidate has also urged the public to ignore Ebola hysteria and focus on facts.

“We need to be responsible and cautious when talking about Ebola,” Christie said.

“It’s not helpful to add to the hysteria.”

True, hysteria is not helpful. But, preparedness is, and if there is ever Ebola in New Jersey, they will be prepared.

"New Jersey hospitals are receiving frequent updates and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New Jersey Department of Health," said Kerry McKean Kelly, vice president of communications and member services at the New Jersey Hospital Association.

She added of the possibility of Ebola in New Jersey, "They’ve been ramping up for months as they’ve watched the Ebola situation intensify in West Africa. That’s given our hospitals time to review their emergency preparedness and infectious disease policies and protocols, educate staff and make other preparations. Many hospitals also have held special Ebola emergency drills."

Princeton Health Care System spokesperson Andy Williams said, "Staff at University Medical Center of Princeton (at Plainsboro) have been trained on how to identify and isolate a patient with Ebola while protecting themselves from exposure."

He added, "PHCS also has acquired the personal protective equipment recommended by the CDC and trained staff on its proper use and safe disposal. To date, the training has been provided to staff and physicians."

If there is ever a case of Ebola in New Jersey, it seems like it shouldn't go far.

How is your state measuring up?

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