Chris Christie: White House Hopes Ruined By Controversy?


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One has to give some credit to Chris Christie. Despite being in the midst of a major scandal, he does not see it as something that could hamper his presidential ambitions.

He did retreat for a spell over the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal, but now the New Jersey governor seems ready to bounce back onto the national stage.

But how effectively can he do so? Even if one does not factor in potential Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, there are others within the Republican party who may present stronger options for voters.

Some expect former Florida governor Jeb Bush to get the final nod over Christie. Unfortunately for Bush, not everyone has as short a memory as certain GOP voters.

A terrible presidency tied to George W. Bush and controversies surrounding his state’s handling of the Florida votes that helped get his brother elected may make many voters avoid Jeb Bush like the plague.

After all, what’s one bridge versus a presidential election controversy?

The corruption scandals at the doorstep of the entire Republican Party does not look good for 2016.

Christie’s style of governing has been disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike. Christie is viewed as a bully who gets things done with threats and “inconveniences”. While that may (or may not) suit a state like New Jersey, you can’t bully everyone as president.

Push the wrong person or nation’s buttons and we could find ourselves in the midst of an international catastrophe.

He shouldn’t count on his fellow GOP members to stand with him as things move towards the presidential election season.

The controversy surrounding Christie will allow presidential rivals a chance to one up him and openly suggest he is corrupt and will be a corrupt president.

Christie must prove that there’s more to him than tough talk and “brute force politics”. Before that, he must successfully weather the bridge scandal.

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