Chris Christie: Jimmy Fallon Helps Him Dance Past Bridge Scandal

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared to use Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and a whole lot of humor to help him move past his recent bridge scandal. The governor appeared on the late night show on Thursday night and poked fun at himself while garnering loads of laughs from the audience. Since then a video of Christie dancing with Jimmy Fallon has gone viral, adding even more laughter--as well as a few unsavory comments--to the mix.

The potential Republican presidential contender can actually dance. And he did so in an effort to show off dorky dad dances while wearing his pleated khaki pants and a polo shirt. The comedy bit called 'The Evolution of Dad Dancing' even featured a portion called 'This Bridge is Closed,' during which Chris Christie appears to walk off stage for good, leaving Jimmy Fallon doing his dad dance solo. However the jovial governor returns to finish the dance and to chat with Fallon, too.

During their conversation Chris Christie said the dance sketch was no doubt far more humiliating to his family than the entire bridge lane closing scandal "because I actually did that."

It took only minutes for videos of Christie's appearance on The Tonight Show to start flying around the Internet. The website Gawker said the governor danced "like a buffoon that makes you want to scrub your eyes with bleach." Business Insider said the video would "blow your mind."

The governor's office eagerly promoted the appearance, and almost immediately sent out a news release to the media on Friday that read, "The Gov & Fallon Dance, Dish, And All Around Embarrass The Kids on The Tonight Show."

Mike DuHaime is Chris Christie's campaign strategist. He says his appearance on The Tonight Show showed the governor as a "down-to-earth" guy who can have fun at his own expense. He doesn't believe it can hurt him at all should he actually throw his hat in the ring as a presidential candidate.

"I think the fact that he has got a sense of humor, I think people appreciate that," DuHaime said. "I think he was out there enjoying it, and if somebody wants to attack his dancing for political reasons, so be it. I'm not too worried about that."

Comments on Governor Christie's dance ran the gamut between outright praise and downright disgust on his Facebook page.

"I watched this on Jimmy Fallon last night. I loved it, and yes you CAN dance. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it a few more times on here. Good luck in 2016!!!" one follower wrote.

"I have to question your judgment for appearing on that stupid skit with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. You gave your political enemies the ammunition they will need to humiliate you as a serious presidential candidate. Actions speak louder than words," another wrote.

As with anyone in public office, Chris Christie will have those who love him and those who hate him. And if he truly is considering that run for the Republican nomination, he'd best develop an even thicker skin. The ability to laugh at oneself is always a plus in any kind of situation. And since his performance with Jimmy Fallon everyone can plainly see he doesn't lack anything in that arena.

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