Chris Christie Addresses His Face At Trump's Press Conference

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Chris Christie and his face made some serious rounds on social media this week after he attended Donald Trump's victory speech/press conference on Tuesday.

Some said Chris Christie looked like a hostage. Some said he looked like he just realized that he had made a huge mistake in joining up with Trump.

Chris Christie's glazed features and sometimes frantic eye movements definitely stole some of Trump's thunder.

The attention to Chris Christie's face led to some amazing Twitter posts.

Excuse me while I wipe laugh tears from my eyes...

Chris Christie has now answered all of those who tried to attach explainations, funny or serious, as to why his face looked the way it did.

Chris Christie said, "Listen, I don't know what I was supposed to be doing. I was standing there listening to him. And you know, all these armchair psychiatrists should give it a break."

I couldn't help it.

Chris Christie felt the need to reiterate that Trump's speech was "not a normal election-night rally."

He went on to say, "Usually you have hundreds of people in a ballroom, they're all screaming and cheering, and you're giving a political speech. Well, that would have led to a lot of applause, a lot of smiles, and all of the rest of it."

He added, "He gave a press conference! That's what he decided to do that night. That's what he wanted to do. There were literally 25 people that were not press in that room that night. So it wasn't the kind of circumstance where I'd be jumping up and down, cheering, and smiling. He was answering questions from the national press corps and I was listening."


What did you think about Chris Christie's shifty eyes during The Donald's press conference?

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