Chris Christie: Do Terrorism Fears Have Something To Do With Surge In Polls?

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Chris Christie has seen a surprise surge in popularity since his intense focus on New Hampshire in the last couple of months.

In the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) report, Chris Christie has skyrocketed from three percent support from likely Republican voters to an astonishing 10 percent.

That puts Chris Christie in fourth place behind Marco Rubio, third, Ted Cruz, second, and Donald Trump in first place.

The question now is, are Chris Christie's polling numbers shooting up because of his heavy campaigning in New Hampshire or is his campaign experiencing a boost from recent terror events?

The terror attacks in Paris last month and this week's mass shooting in California could possibly have a positive effect on Chris Christie's campaign.

Great crowd at our 34th New Hampshire town hall in Stratham this morning.

A photo posted by Governor Chris Christie (@chrischristie) on

It seems these attacks have Republicans a little nervous and a little more serious in their thoughts about who the next president should be.

Chris Christie recently received a highly-contested endorsement from the New Hampshire Union Leader in addition to his climbing poll numbers.

It's possible, according to Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid, that people are deciding that perhaps they want a president with a little more experience running the show.

He said, “Gov. Christie is right for these dangerous times. He has prosecuted terrorists and dealt admirably with major disasters.”

What do you think is behind Chris Christie's surging poll numbers? Is he who you would vote for to be the next president?

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