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Tag: Campaign 2012

Celebrate Election Day with a Bad Lip Reading of the Debates
Hopefully, by the end of the night (or early tomorrow morning), we’ll know who won the 2012 Presidential election. Even if something strange hap...
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On Election Night, Gloat to Your Political Frenemies with These GIFs
On election night, the chances are pretty high that your Facebook and Twitter streams will be inundated with policial posts. Some of your friends will...
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The Electorate Isn’t Completely Uninformed, and We Can Give Some Credit to Facebook
The pessimist inside every participating member of a democracy thinks that the electorate is full of completely uniformed voters who will pick candida...
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Google Breaks Out the Political Scorecards in Time for Election Day
Guys, it’s almost over. The 2012 Presidential race has made the final turn and has entered the homestretch. Like any good horse race, this is th...
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Foursquare Unveils New Voting App for Election Day
Today, Foursquare unveiled the new “I Voted” app. Powered by the Google Civic Information API, the app will give you everything you need t...
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Twitter’s New Interactive Map Shows Where Political Tweets Mattered the Most
Back in August, Twitter launched their own Political Index (TPI) to track Twitter users’ general feelings about the Presidential candidates. The...
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Calculate How Much Obama & Romney Are Willing to Spend on Your Vote
It’s no secret that both the Obama and Romney teams are doing all they can to get your vote on November 6th, and they have been for quite some t...
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Google Compiles Voting Info into One Easy Tool
Google knows that people use their service to find information on voting: when, where, how, who, etc. In order to make it a little easier, Google has ...
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Sick of Politics on Facebook? Give Them the Boot with New Chrome Extension
Back in August, a new Chrome extension popped up that allowed users to block any post relating to anything that popped out. With a click of your mouse...
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The Debates Drew 24 Million Streams, Says YouTube
With the Presidential debates in our rear-view mirror and the election less than two weeks away, YouTube has taken some time to reflect on the viewers...
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Watch the Third Party Candidates Debate Live on YouTube
Tonight, the final Presidential debate takes place between Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. And although t...
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Romney’s Binders Full of Women Remark Gives Birth to Crappy Flash Game
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this election is weird, and it’s being made weird by the internet. And I’m not sayi...
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Jimmy Kimmel Proves Our Electorate Is Made Up of Liars
Who do you think won this year’s First Lady debate? Ann Romney? Michelle Obama? I’m sure whoever came off as more knowledgeable and agress...
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Second Presidential Debate Sees 7.2 Million Tweets
Last night’s town hall debate saw the two Presidential candidates go at it for a little over an hour and a half on topics both foreign and domes...
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Binders Full of Women: The Comment That Launched a Thousand Social Media Pages
Last night’s second Presidential debate saw the two candidates clash over mostly domestic issues, with a few foreign issues sprinkled in. The to...
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Vice Presidential Debate Saw 3.5 Million Tweets
Last week’s first Presidential debate broke a Twitter record. With over 10 million total tweets coming in from start to finish, it became the mo...
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Use Your Facebook Data to Smear Yourself with a Negative Political Ad (It’s Fun, I Promise)
There’s a new project out from PBS NewsHour that allows anyone to create political ads for themselves with Facebook data. It’s called Ad L...
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Vice Presidential Debate Streaming Live on YouTube [Reminder]
If you want to see the current Vice President of the United States and the man that could assume that role battle it out face-to-face, tonight’s...
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Twitter May Actually Spur People into Making Political Donations
We already know that this year, social media is a bigger part of the election than ever before. During the Republican National Convention, 4 million t...
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Google Maps Hot-Button Political Search Terms Across the U.S.
If you weren’t aware, Google has info on our searches just sitting around. Since we, as a nation, make millions and millions of searches every w...
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