The Debates Drew 24 Million Streams, Says YouTube

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With the Presidential debates in our rear-view mirror and the election less than two weeks away, YouTube has taken some time to reflect on the viewership numbers from their live streams. 2012 was the first year that YouTube streamed the debates, and according to them, they had a pretty successful debut.

According to YouTube, the four debates had 24 million views worldwide. Those views came from people of 215 countries.

Naturally, the United States had the highest viewership. Here's the rest of the top 10, in terms of viewers (in order):

Canada; Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom; Mexico; Brazil; Singapore; Japan; and France.

YouTube says that the live streams weren't the only times the debates saw international interest:

"The worldwide interest didn’t stop with the live streams. The New York Times’ uploads of the first three debates have seen close to 13 million views, making them the most-viewed videos on their channel ever. Outside the United States, these videos have been viewed most heavily in the U.K, Canada, India, Germany, Australia and France -- with almost half the views coming from outside the U.S."

You can check out all of this campaign season's debates below (all three Presidential and the one Vice Presidential).

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