Google Breaks Out the Political Scorecards in Time for Election Day

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Guys, it's almost over. The 2012 Presidential race has made the final turn and has entered the homestretch. Like any good horse race, this is the most exciting time - especially if you're living in one of the highly-contested swing states.

Did I say exciting? I meant unbearable, excruciating, exhausting, and miserable. If you're in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, or a handful of other states - chances are you're up to your eyeballs in campaign ads. Now, thanks to Google, we can see just exactly how much each candidate is spending in these key swing states, as well as get some insight into how the candidates are being searched across the network.

The Google Politics & Elections team has just published this infographic on spending, searches, and new results in eight key swing states. What we see is a big spending gap between President Obama and Mitt Romney, with the former taking a pretty big lead. We also so that in most areas, President Obama has garnered more search interest. Check it out:

Swing State Spending and search interest from Google

Google has also put out a scorecard of some Google-related stats including Google+ followers, YouTube views and subscribers, and search interest (nationwide):

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