Google Compiles Voting Info into One Easy Tool

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Google knows that people use their service to find information on voting: when, where, how, who, etc. In order to make it a little easier, Google has compiled all of this information into one place, and they call it their Voter Information tool.

You can access the tool here. Just enter your home address and that's it.

The voter tool shows your election-day polling location, as well as early voting locations (if applicable). On the right, you have a full summary of the ballot you'll see in the voting booth - including national and local races. Each candidate on the ticket is provided with links to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and official campaign sites.

Here's what the tool looks like when you enter your address:

"The tool is easy to embed on any website and is open source so developers can modify it to create custom versions. We're working with a number of media partners to ensure the tool is accessible across the web, and partners like Foursquare and AT&T are doing great work building apps on our Civic Information API.

We hope this tool will help make getting to the polls and casting your ballot as simple as possible," says Google in a blog post.

Google's Voter Information Tool is nestled within their larger Politics & Elections hub, which also provides election trends, insights, results, and links to various other resources on Google+ and YouTube.

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