Sick of Politics on Facebook? Give Them the Boot with New Chrome Extension

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Back in August, a new Chrome extension popped up that allowed users to block any post relating to anything that popped out. With a click of your mouse, you could remove all your friends' mentions of their babies from your news feed, replacing them with photos of cats, cars, porn - whatever you wanted, really.

Now, baby photos have been usurped by political posts to take the annoyance crown. It's election season, and if you're tired of "participating" in the national political discourse - there is a way out.

From the makers of comes, "a chrome extension that removes politics from your FB and Twitter feeds permanently––by replacing the BS with awesome stuff."

"[It's] the surest way to ride out the rest of the election without bothersome posts, opinions, and links from your politically savvy 'friends.' Install the app. Refresh your Facebook newsfeed. Enjoy an Obama AND Romney free life," says the extension's creators, Side Project.

Just like their previous extensions, this content-blocker allows users to create a keyword blacklist upon launch. They provide you with a pre-populated list, which includes keywords like romney, obama, election, voting for, republican, democrat, ron paul, 47 percent, binders, debate, and many more. But if you have a friends that won't shut up about a certain topic like "immigration reform," or another former candidate like "Rick Santorum," you'll have to add them manually.

Once your blacklist is set, you can then add multiple feeds to serve as the content generators for your replacement posts. By default, your friends' political posts will be replaced with photos of cats from Instagram.

All that's left to do is sit back and enjoy your Facebook news feed the way it was meant to be enjoyed - full of posts about people's lunch and app suggestions.

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