Celebrate Election Day with a Bad Lip Reading of the Debates

Josh WolfordLife

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Hopefully, by the end of the night (or early tomorrow morning), we'll know who won the 2012 Presidential election. Even if something strange happens and we have to wait a little while for the official results, one thing is certain: the campaigning is over. The ads are done, the debates are done. America, it's over.

In celebration of that, Bad Lip Reading has just unveiled their awesome take on the 2012 debates - the first Presidential debate, the VP debate, the town hall debate, and the foreign policy debate.

So, go vote and make your voice heard. And then sit back and watch Obama, Romney, Biden, and Ryan spew nonsense. I'm sure that plenty of you feel that that's been going on for months already, but I'm pretty sure none of the candidates have mentioned Mufasa until now.

Josh Wolford
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