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‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ Coming This Fall
Despite developing games such as Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox has cultivated a prized place in gamer hearts through its Bo...
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Telltale Announces Games Based On Borderlands, Game Of Thrones At VGX
Telltale Games, the studio behind 2012’s The Walking Dead and this year’s The Wolf Among Us, confirmed Saturday night at VGX that it will ...
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Borderlands 2 Declares Itself Game of the Year in New Video
We’re nearing the holiday season and publishers are beginning to wring the last few sales out of recent big game releases. Already The Elder Scr...
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Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC: The First Five Minutes
It’s been nine months since the release of Borderlands 2, and Gearbox is continuing to pump out new content for the game. Not only that, but the...
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Borderlands 2 “Big Game Hunt” DLC Out Now, With Trailer
Gamers coming back to Borderlands 2 after finishing up with other holiday titles will be pleased to hear that Gearbox has released yet another DLC cam...
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Borderlands 2 “Big Game Hunt” DLC Trailer Released
All large publishers are selling pre-sale packages of future promised DLC for their triple-A titles, but too often some of those promised add-ons end ...
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Borderlands 2 ‘Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage’ DLC, Trailer Released
The talk of the gaming world may be Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4, and the Wii U, but Gearbox is still pumping out new content for Borderlands 2 ...
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Borderlands 2 DLC “Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage” Coming Next Week
Gearbox may have kicked off the holiday gaming season early with the release of Borderlands 2, but the game developer isn’t slouching now that g...
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Borderlands Legends Out For iPhone, iPad
It’s Halloween, and that means Gearbox and 2K Games have released the mobile version of the Borderlands franchise. Borderlands Legends is now av...
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Borderlands Legends Announced for iOS, Launches on Halloween
Do you love shooting bandits in the face? Have you already blown through the new pirate-themed Borderlands 2 DLC with your level 50 Mechromancer? Do y...
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Borderlands 2’s Pirate-Themed DLC Launches Today
Today marks the launch of the first downloadable content (DLC) for Borderlands 2. The DLC, titled Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty, is fi...
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Borderlands 2 DLC Trailer Reveals Sand Pirates
Gearbox want to make sure gamers aren’t jumping off the Borderlands 2 bandwagon and playing any of the other fantastic games that are being rele...
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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Released One Week Early
Seeing the amazing trailers to the twisted humor of the game itself, it’s clear that Gearbox is having a lot of fun developing Borderlands 2. Th...
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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Class Teased in Videos
Back at PAX East in April, Gearbox revealed that a fifth class would be joining the new vault hunters already revealed for Borderlands 2. Though not m...
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Borderlands 2 Tops Mass Effect 3 Sales in UK
Borderlands 2 has beaten Mass Effect 3 and claimed the title of best-selling debut launch of 2012 for the U.K. According to Chart-track, Gearbox’...
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Borderlands 2 Contest Destroys Handsome Jack’s Face
Gearbox must have hired the most eclectic and creative marketing team in video game company history, then dumped pallets of money into their office an...
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Borderlands 2 Live-Action TV Spot Leaked
Gearbox and 2K Games have been aggressively marketing Borderlands 2 with plenty of trailers, reveals, and even a playable 16-bit browser version of Bo...
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New Borderlands 2 Trailer Offers a Tour of Pandora
By now you’ve no doubt discovered how overpowered the two-way rail gun is in the 16-bit version of Borderlands and, as a consequence, found that...
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Playable 16-bit Borderlands “De-Make” Revealed
Gearbox has certainly given its marketers free reign to be as creative as they can be. The Borderlands 2 launch trailer featured some ridiculous promi...
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New Borderlands 2 Trailer: Come and Get Me
The release date for Borderlands 2 is just over a month away and to celebrate the impending launch, the game’s developer, Gearbox, has released ...
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