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AT&T Fined $23 Million for Bribing a Politician’s Ally
AT&T is adding to the long list of fines levied against, this time to the tune of $23 million for bribery....
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No More Free Streaming Services For New AT&T Customers
AT&T is no longer bundling HBO Max, or any other streaming service, with its top-tier plan, bucking a popular trend among wireless carriers....
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FAA: Boeing 737 Fleet Still Susceptible to 5G Interference
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned the existing fleet of Boeing 737s are still susceptible to 5G interference....
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Congress Is Not Impressed With FCC/FAA 5G Controversy
Congress is weighing in on the botched rollout of 5G C-band spectrum — a rollout that put the FCC and FAA at odds — and they're not impressed....
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T-Mobile ‘Remains Firmly in First Place’ in the US 5G Wars
T-Mobile is continuing to dominate the US 5G market, beating both Verizon and AT&T, in OpenSignal’s latest report....
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AT&T Now Offering 5Gbps Fiber Internet in 70 Markets
AT&T is claiming to be the fastest major internet provider, thanks to its 5Gbps fiber service that is now available in 70 metro areas....
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FAA: 78% of US Commercial Aircraft Safe Amid 5G Concerns
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has cleared roughly 78% of the US commercial aircraft fleet for low-visibility approaches near C-band 5G....
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US Carriers Deny Blocking iCloud Private Relay — Mostly
Following reports that T-Mobile was blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay, all three major US carriers have denied actively blocking it — for the ...
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Here’s the 50 Airports Excluded From Verizon and AT&T’s 5G
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a list of the 50 airports where Verizon and AT&T have agreed to enact 5G exclusion zones....
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FAA Will Not Seek Further 5G Rollout Delays From Verizon and AT&T
The Federal Aviation Administration has said it will not seek any more delays from Verizon and AT&T in regard to their 5G rollout....
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Verizon and AT&T Agree to New 5G Delay, President Biden Weighs In
Verizon and AT&T have backed down from their previous stance, agreeing to a new two-week delay for their C-band 5G rollout....
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Aviation Industry Appeals to White House Over 5G Concerns
The Aerospace Industries Association has appealed to the White House to intervene over concerns about the safety risks of 5G deployment....
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No More Delays: Verizon and AT&T Reject US Request to Delay 5G
Verizon and AT&T’s CEOs have rejected a request from the FAA and US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to delay mid-band 5G....
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Microsoft Buying Xandr Ad Business From AT&T
AT&T has agreed to sell its ad marketplace, Xandr, to Microsoft as the ad industry tries to adapt to a post-cookie world....
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Boeing, Airbus Join Chorus of Airlines Calling for Halt to 5G Rollout
Executives from both Boeing and Airbus have joined the chorus of airline executives calling for a halt to the rollout of C-band 5G....
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DirecTV Prices Going Up in January
DirecTV is raising its streaming and satellite TV packages starting in January....
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United Airlines CEO: 5G Rollout ‘Would Be Catastrophic’
United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is warning that Verizon and AT&T’s 5G rollout would be catastrophic for the airline industry....
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5G May Still Interfere With Aircraft in Low Visibility Conditions
Despite a deal being reached between Verizon, AT&T and the FAA, the carriers’ 5G may still cause problems with aircraft in low-visibility conditions...
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AT&T Enterprise Customers Hit by Data-Stealing Malware
AT&T customers are being hit with a malware attack that uses a network edge device to steal data....
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Verizon, AT&T Limiting 5G to Accommodate Air Traffic Safety Concerns
Verizon and AT&T have volunteered to limit their 5G networks in an effort to address concerns over air traffic safety....
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