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Amy Schumer Teams Up With Senator Cousin To Lead Gun Control Crusade
Amy Schumer may be best known for her raunchy sense of humor, but she’s also a huge advocate for gun control measures, and on Sunday the comedia...
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Bradley Cooper’s Efforts To Help Women Will Not Be Replicated By Jeremy Renner
Bradley Cooper has been speaking up about the pay gap between male and female movie stars, saying he’s going to start helping actresses negotiat...
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Salma Hayek Says Romantic Comedies Aren’t Working Anymore for Women
Salma Hayek is solidifying her place on the future Mount Rushmore of Women in Hollywood who fought for equality. The actress has become such a staunch...
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Amy Schumer Comments on Gender Bias On HBO Special
Amy Schumer’s HBO special Live at the Apollo aired on Saturday and has a lot of people talking on Monday. Topical comments related to gender bia...
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Brie Larson Talks Diet, Isolation in Preparation for “Room”
Brie Larson stars in the upcoming film Room. Based on the 2010 best-selling novel by Emma Donoghue, Room tells the story of a young boy named Jack, wh...
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Khloe Kardashian Hits Back Gently at Amy Schumer’s Unkind “SNL” Remarks
Khloe Kardashian hit back at Amy Schumer following her monologue while hosting SNL this weekend. In typical Schumer fashion, the comic insulted the Ka...
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Jennifer Lawrence Has A Blast With Aziz Ansari At Amy Schumer’s ‘SNL’ After-Party
Besties Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer may have found a new BFF in comedian Aziz Ansari. Ansari was seen hanging out with Schumer, Lawrence and act...
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Khloe Kardashian Hurt by Amy Schumer’s “SNL” Weight Loss Comments
Khloe Kardashian seems like her feelings were really hurt by something Amy Schumer said as she hosted SNL this weekend. Sure, the Kardashian ladies ha...
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Nicki Minaj Makes Surprise “SNL” Visit, Raps “The Hills” With The Weeknd
Nicki Minaj surprised fans on Saturday night with a quick appearance on SNL, during which she rapped a remix of “The Hills” with the night...
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Jennifer Lawrence, Aziz Ansari Attended SNL After Party With Amy Schumer
Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari attended the SNL after-party in the wee hours on Sunday, following Amy Schumer’s first time hosting the show. ...
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Drew Barrymore Deals With Body Image, Will Bare Soul to Daughters
Drew Barrymore is radiant at 40. She still struggles a bit with her body image, but seems to be coming to terms with it. In the latest issue of InStyl...
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Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari: Antics in Atlanta
Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer must be hilarious together. Add to that duo Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari–and top that with Amy Schumer’s ...
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Brie Larson: Will She Replace Emma Stone and Play Billie Jean King in Upcoming Film?
Brie Larson is reportedly in talks to play the role of tennis legend Billie Jean King in an upcoming film called Battle of the Sexes. Emma Stone was i...
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Billy Joel Joined On Stage by Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer During Chicago Concert
Billy Joel had a couple of very popular–and very sexy–ladies join him on stage during his concert in Chicago on Thursday night. The ladies...
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Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Fulfill Jon Stewart Prophecy With New Movie [Pics]
Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are writing a movie together that will star both of them as sisters. That bit of news titillates fans of both actres...
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Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence Collaborating on Screenplay
Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are about to make the dreams of many of their fans come true. The funny lady and the Hunger Games actress, known for...
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Rebel Wilson Talks American Gun Laws in Wake of ‘Trainwreck’ Louisiana Theater Shooting
Rebel Wilson has lots to say about American gun laws in the wake of the Trainwreck Louisiana theater shooting, during which a man–John Houser...
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Selena Gomez Doesn’t Think She’s Hot, Rates Herself A Mere 6 Out Of 10
It wasn’t too long ago when Selena Gomez was in a midst of a body shaming controversy over her bikini pictures. Most were impressed with how mature ...
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Alicia Silverstone and Amy Schumer: Clueless About Fashion?
Alicia Silverstone was already turning heads when the movie Clueless came out 20 years ago. After that film hit, Silverstone enjoyed a reputation base...
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Amy Schumer Sideboob Doesn’t Break Internet, Just Causes Drooling [Pics]
Amy Schumer is no pushover. She has railed long and hard against the idea that an actress is only worth something for as long as her youthful looks ho...
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