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Tag: AdSense

Google Removed 1.7 Billion Bad Ads in 2016
Google more than doubled the amount of ads it took down in 2016 from its platform compared to 2015, removing over 1.7 billion “bad” ads. W...
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Google Adsense Team on How to Stay Compliant
The Google Adsense team posted this morning what they consider to be the 8 most important best practices for not violating Adsense policies and to kee...
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Google Introduces Page-Level Ads for AdSense
Google just announced a new family of ad formats called Page-level ads, which it refers to as “AdSense’s next generation ads.” They&...
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Google Releases AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement
Google announced the release of its new “AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement”. This helps educate publishers on how to help their audienc...
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AdSense Gains Support For Language Spoken By Millions
Google announced on Monday that it has just added Filipino to its list of supported languages for AdSense. This is spoken by millions of people in the...
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AdSense Publishers Can Add Ads to Matched Content
Nearly a year ago, Google announced the launch of Matched Content for AdSense publishers. This is a free content recommendation tool that shows more o...
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Google Gives Tips For Addressing Low AdSense Earnings
Have your AdSense earnings been in a slump? This could be for for any number of reasons, and Google took to its Inside AdSense blog on Friday to help ...
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AdSense Gets New Optimization Tab
Google announced the launch of a new optimization tab in the AdSense interface, which appears at the top next to the performance reports tab. The tab ...
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AdSense Text Ads Get New Look on Mobile
Google announced that AdSense text ads now have a new look on mobile. The redesign has apparently already rolled out on mobile sites, so you should be...
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Google Has Some Q4 Tips For AdSense Sites
We’re now days away from Black Friday, and everyone is sharing stats related to the holiday shopping season. We just looked at Pinterest’s...
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Google Launches Certified Publishing Partner Program For AdSense, DoubleClick
Google just announced the launch of its new Certified Publishing Partner program for AdSense and DoubleClick. Partners in the program are considered (...
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Google Gives AdSense App A Refresh
Google announced a new update for its AdSense app for iOS and Android. It utilizes material design (of course) and comes with some new features. These...
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Google Analytics Gets Some New Features
Google announced the addition of a new publisher reporting section to Google Analytics. This replaces AdSense Reports, and is actually called “P...
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AdSense Gets New User Consent Policy
Google announced the implementation of a new user consent policy for AdSense as the result of demands from the European Union. The policy makes publis...
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Google Says It’s Increasing AdSense Payment Transparency
Google announced on Monday that it is increasing the transparency of AdSense payments in that it will start letting you see invalid activity deduction...
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How AdSense Publishers Should Use Google’s New ‘Matched Content’ Tool
Google announced the launch of a new (and free) content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers called Matched Content. It simply shows more of you...
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Google Revamps AdSense Performance Reports
Google is giving AdSense publishers a new dashboard for performance reporting, where they can quickly get a better grasp on insights into how much the...
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Google Adds Surveys To Ad Muting
Back in 2012, Google launched the “mute this ad” [x] icon for AdSense ads, enabling users to have more control over the ads they see. This...
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Another Publisher Goes After Google For Unpaid AdSense Earnings
There’s been a lot of this going around lately. Publishers are getting banned from Google AdSense after Google tells them they’re in viola...
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Google Simplifies Analytics, AdSense Account Linking
Google announced that it has made it easier to link your Google Analytics account to your AdSense account. The process now requires fewer steps. Addit...
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