Google Simplifies Analytics, AdSense Account Linking

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Google announced that it has made it easier to link your Google Analytics account to your AdSense account. The process now requires fewer steps. Additionally, you can now link the AdSense account to multiple Analytics accounts.

Google says linking the accounts can help you optimize your site, improve user experience, and grow your revenue.

"If you want to grow your website and your ad revenue, you need to understand your audience," says product manager Matthew Anderson. "Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you better understand your site visitors and define the right strategy for your site."

While a huge number of sites are obviously using Google Analytics, this appears to be a play to get more common AdSense sites using it.

"Identify opportunities across traffic sources, geographies, devices, pages and browsers," says Anderson. "See which pages are popular among your visitors and which pages drive them away. Understanding where your visitors’ attention is focused will also help you to place your ads where users are most likely to look at them... Make changes based on how earnings are affected by aspects of user behaviour such as visit frequency and page depth."

There's now a ten-step process for linking the accounts, but it's really even easier than that would suggest. Sign in to Analytics, and click Admin, then in the "Account" column, pick the Analytics account that contains the property you want to link with your Adense account. In the "Property" column, select the property, and click "AdSense Linking". From there, click "+ New AdSense Link," and select the property. Click continue, select the Analytics views you want, then click "Enable Link, and then "Done". That's pretty much it.

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