Google Releases AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement

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Google announced the release of its new "AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement". This helps educate publishers on how to help their audience become more familiar with their brand, best practices for designing user journeys, and developing resonating content that's easy to consume.

"In a world where people are making split decisions about what to consume, it’s increasingly challenging but critical for publishers to figure out how to effectively engage their audiences on their sites," says Google's Jay Castro. "To help lay the foundation to a winning engagement strategy, we’ve created the AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement."

"This guide help you drive toward your goals for growing your site – from defining your brand voice to tips to make your site’s content easy to consume," Castro adds. "Don’t waste another moment developing web pages that leave you with little opportunity to engage with your audience."

When it comes to helping your audience become familiar with your brand, the guide discusses defining your voice, being consistent, and relating to users' interests. For designing user journeys, it talks about creating a "moments map," making it easy for users to reach your desired outcome (in as few steps as possible), and creating clearly defined, interactive calls to action.

You can download the free guide here. It's 21 pages long.

Image via Google