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Microsoft Takes Aim at Salesforce With Viva Sales
Microsoft has unveiled its latest attempt to take on Salesforce, launching Viva Sales, “a new seller experience application.”...
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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Beginners Keep Making
We all make mistakes, especially when we're beginners. Learn more about digital marketing mistakes beginners keep making below....
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How HubSpot is Using Surround Sound Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales
“There is a very smart individual at HubSpot named Alex Birkett based out of Austin, Texas,” says Scott Tousley of HubSpot. “He is working on th...
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How To Get PR For Your Tech Startup
How can you make your tech startup stand out? Through the careful use of pr for your tech startup. Learn how in the info below....
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What Does My Business Website Need to Succeed In 2022?
What does your business website need in order to succeed in 2022? Read on for the following tips and tricks below....
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Apple Significantly Raises Starting Pay For Hourly Employees
Apple is significantly raising its starting pay for hourly employees, some 45% over 2018 levels....
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Salesforce Focused On ‘Driving Success From Anywhere’
On the heels of a "phenomenal quarter," Salesforce is doubling down on its hybrid work model and "driving success from anywhere."...
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Amazon SEO is Now More Important than Google SEO for Brands
We have seen a shift from Google to Amazon. Today over 54% of all the product searches that occur on the entire internet now occur on Amazon....
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Stop Making These 7 Online Marketing Mistakes and You Will Crush It, Says Neil Patel
If you avoid those seven online marketing mistakes and you follow these tips you're going to generate more sales, says popular digital marketing exper...
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Outreach CEO: The Rise Of The Revenue Innovator
"We're seeing the rise of what we call the "revenue innovator, says Outreach CEO Manny Medina." The new job description is the revenue innovators, th...
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France May Regulate Early Smartphone Renewals
France is looking to enact legislation that would restrict wireless carriers from using commercial offers to entice users into early upgrades....
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Shipping Scams Up 440% Amid Record Online Shopping
Shipping scams are up a whopping 440% as online shopping hits new records amid the pandemic....
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Slack CEO: No Intention To Make Slack Free
Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, says that both Slack and Salesforce have no intention of making Slack free for enterprises....
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Google Rolls Out Business Messaging In Google Maps
Google has unveiled a significant update to Google Maps, allowing businesses to reply to customers directly within the application....
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Are Big Physical Tech Conferences Dead?
CEOs around the country and the world are debating whether they should abandon expensive physical conferences altogether once the pandemic restriction...
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Salesforce CEO: We Are In A New Digital World
Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, discusses how we are not living in the past or the future, we are living in the present. He says that the present is ...
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CFO: End Of Pandemic Is Not A Threat To Zoom
Kelly Steckelberg, CFO of Zoom Video Communications, discusses the company's massive growth over the last quarter and says that an end to the pandemic...
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Airbnb CEO: Every Crisis Should Lead To A New Point Of Innovation
We said every single opportunity is a moment where we have to pivot and move fast says Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Not only are we going to get through t...
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Dan Lok: Most People Suck at the Conversion Mechanism
Online marketing sensation Dan Lok says that when it comes to marketing online, there are only two things, conversion and traffic. That's it. "To conv...
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Customer Meetings Will Change Forever, Says Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec
Some things in the new world will change forever. Customer meetings will change forever. In the past, I never thought that I could do a Zoom call or a...
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