Robert Irvine: New App Makes It Possible For Restaurants To Reopen Safely

When you say you’ve done something, say you’re cleaning the refrigerator, and you’re actually outside smoking a cigarette, I know because of geotagging that you didn’t clean that when you said you did. It’s really about accountability of duty of care.

Microsoft’s Bad Habits Are Back As It Forces Edge On Users

Whatever goodwill Microsoft has earned in recent years by playing nice is rapidly evaporating, thanks to a particularly aggressive update.

British Government May Be Moving Closer to Huawei U-Turn

The British government may be moving closer to reversing its decision to include Huawei in its 5G rollout.

Opensignal Report Sheds Light On 5G Industry

As the major US wireless carriers duke it out in the 5G market, Opensignal has issued a report on which carriers are winning and where.


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