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Nokia Sells 2 Million Lumia Windows Phones in Q1

Nokia has just revealed that it sold 2 million Lumia Windows Phone devices worldwide during Q1, 2012, and calls the results for its devices and services for the quarter “disappointing,” and states that its “difficult financial performance reflects company in transition.” Nokia launched its Lumia 900 on April 8th, which is one of the cheapest hi-end smartphones ever, at $100 …

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Bing Details Bing Features For Nokia Lumia 900

Remember the Nokia Lumia 900? It was the really impressive Windows phone that Microsoft is betting heavily on since its first positive reviews came out of CES 2012. It was announced two weeks ago that the Lumia 900 would be launching April 8. Today is April 8 and guess what, the Lumia 900 is here. The Bing Team always knowing …

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Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Now Available

A recent study pegged developer interest in Windows Phone as rising. It’s still not at the level of iOS or Android, but the interest is there. Microsoft is keeping the flame alive with constant updates like today’s that adds in a few more key features that developers could use. The Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 announced today adds two new features …

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“Angry Birds Space” Is Confirmed For Windows Phone 7

After an erroneous report on Bloomberg news that had Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of the game’s maker, Rovio Entertainment Oy saying that the irrationally popular Angry Birds Space wasn’t coming to the Windows phone 7, the truth comes out! It was learned today that , “Angry Birds Space” is confirmed for Windows Phone 7 To make the confusion even …

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Windows Phone Collects Location Data, Too

With all the hubbub surrounding the recent discovery of the iPhone’s location data collection protocols, other mobile phone developers are falling on this geo-data sword as well. First, Android admitted its phone practiced similar data collection, and now, Microsoft has joined the fray, admitting the Windows Phone 7 also collects location data from its users. Microsoft admitted these details at …

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Microsoft Nokia Deal Signed, Bing in More Hands Next Year

Back in February, Microsoft and Nokia announced a partnership, which would see the two companies working together to take on Apple and Google in the smartphone market. At the time, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop it’s now a “three-horse race.” The companies have now signed their agreement, ahead of schedule, allowing both parties to begin engaging with operators, developers, and other …

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Windows Phone 7 App Development Numbers

At the MIX10 conference, Microsoft released its platform and free tools to app developers and told them to get started.  A year later, Windows Phone 7 Director Brandon Watson seems quite excited about some statistics detailed at the Windows Developer Blog. When considering the various measures of progress over the last year, we tend to focus on the third party …

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Windows Phone 7 Rumored with NFC?

One of the hottest technologies around is NFC.  Near Field Communication allows devices to communicate to other devices using short waves.  The reason this technology has caught fire has been its use in mobile credit card payments.  Another upcoming phone may be rolling out with full NFC capabilities. Last week we told you about iPhone 5 rumors that suggested NFC …

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Amazon Releases Windows Phone 7 App

Amazon has introduced a new free mobile shopping app for Windows Phone 7.

Amazon says the app is specifically designed for Windows Phone 7 and displays all of a product’s details in a single view, allowing users to scroll horizontally to search and buy without have to load new screens or leave the app.

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Microsoft 2010 By the Numbers

Microsoft made a slew of announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). More on that here. The company also revealed a bunch of numbers for 2010 that you might find interesting. 

So, let’s get right to them:


– 8 million: Number of Kinects sold in first 60 days

– 50 million: Xbox 360s sold to date

– 30 million: Number of Xbox LIVE members 

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Amazon Introduces Kindle App For Windows Phone 7

Amazon continues to make its Kindle app available on more and more devices, the latest is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

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Windows Phone 7 Sales Reach 1.5 Million

Android and iOS fanatics are likely to be all smiles today.  Microsoft’s at last released a figure related to the sales of Windows Phone 7 devices, and it’s not anything that’ll have investors dumping their shares of Google and Apple in order to get behind Steve Ballmer.

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