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Tag: Windows Phone 7

Skype Will No Longer Update Its Windows Phone 7 App
Are you still rockin’ a Windows Phone 7 device? Do you regularly use Skype? If so, you might want to consider upgrading. Skype announced this mo...
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Mainstream Support For Windows Phone 8 Ends In 2014
The traditional Windows operating system has a mainstream support lifespan of at least five years. During that time, Microsoft will continue to update...
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Windows Phone 7.8 Is Still Alive, Launches Early 2013
Windows Phone 8 is now out, and Windows Phone 7 users can only look on in jealousy. Well, that is until they get their own update in the form of Windo...
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AOL’s Entrance Rolls Augmented Reality And Entertainment Into One Impressive Package
Microsoft and Nokia are holding a big event today to show off the future of the Windows Phone platform. We’re expecting to see some new hardware...
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Nokia Has A Plan In Case Windows Phone 8 Goes Splat
In business, as in war, chess, and first dates, it’s always good to have an exit strategy, a backup plan to disentangle yourself if things go so...
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Microsoft Kicks Up Its “Smoked by Windows Phone” Ad Campaign
In February, Microsoft began an ad campaign for its Windows Phones called “Smoked By Windows Phone.” The campaign involved Microsoft Store...
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Windows Phone Map App Gets Expanded Traffic Coverage
Last month, Bing Maps announced that it would be providing better traffic coverage for users thanks to some backend support from Nokia. Senior Product...
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Windows Phone Marketplace Gets Improvements
The Windows Phone Marketplace has proven to be a great place for developers to make bank. Back in April, we reported that indie game developer, FourBr...
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Have A Windows Phone? Better Upgrade To 7.5
Regardless of the jokes that permeate the mobile industry, there are people who use and love Windows Phone 7. Even Siri thinks that the Nokia Lumia 90...
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Windows Phone Marketplace Gets Strict With Submissions
If there’s one complaint one could levy against the iTunes app store and Google Play, it would be that both are filled with a lot of trash. Litt...
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Windows Phone Marketplace Losing Zune Software Support
All the major smartphone operators – Apple, Google and Microsoft – allow users to download apps from the Web or the smartphone itself. Mic...
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Taptitude Proves Windows Phone 7 Games Can Be Successful
If you’ve been following the mobile arena for any time now, you would have known that Zynga acquired “Draw Something” developer OMGP...
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Nokia Sells 2 Million Lumia Windows Phones in Q1
Nokia has just revealed that it sold 2 million Lumia Windows Phone devices worldwide during Q1, 2012, and calls the results for its devices and servic...
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Bing Details Bing Features For Nokia Lumia 900
Remember the Nokia Lumia 900? It was the really impressive Windows phone that Microsoft is betting heavily on since its first positive reviews came ou...
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Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Now Available
A recent study pegged developer interest in Windows Phone as rising. It’s still not at the level of iOS or Android, but the interest is there. M...
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“Angry Birds Space” Is Confirmed For Windows Phone 7
After an erroneous report on Bloomberg news that had Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of the game’s maker, Rovio Entertainment Oy sayi...
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Windows Phone Collects Location Data, Too
With all the hubbub surrounding the recent discovery of the iPhone’s location data collection protocols, other mobile phone developers are falli...
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Microsoft Nokia Deal Signed, Bing in More Hands Next Year
Back in February, Microsoft and Nokia announced a partnership, which would see the two companies working together to take on Apple and Google in the s...
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Windows Phone 7 App Development Numbers
At the MIX10 conference, Microsoft released its platform and free tools to app developers and told them to get started.  A year later, Windows Phone ...
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Windows Phone 7 Rumored with NFC?
One of the hottest technologies around is NFC.  Near Field Communication allows devices to communicate to other devices using short waves.  The reas...
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