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Don’t Snoop Me Bro Is Your Easy To Use Anti-NSA Device

Privacy and anonymity on the Internet are no longer an expectation on the Internet. If you don’t want somebody snooping through your traffic, you have to work for it. Unfortunately, encrypting your connection through a VPN can sometimes be a little too complicated for your average user. That’s where Don’t Snoop Me Bro comes in. Don’t Snoop Me Bro, a …

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VPN Interest Spikes After “Six Strikes” Goes Live

It was pretty much a given that the Copyright Alert System, better known as “Six Strikes,” would increase the use of VPNs or proxies in the U.S. Still, it’s nice to confirm our assumptions, and a report released today does just that. TorrentFreak reports that interest in VPNs and proxies have increased dramatically over the last month as more people …

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AT&T and IBM Announce a Cloud Service For Private Networks

This week AT&T and IBM announced that they will be teaming up to provide a “network-enabled” cloud service for private networks. The product will be promoted to Fortune 1000 companies across the world as an option for companies that need both cloud solutions and a high level of security. The service will be offered starting in “early 2013.” AT&T’s virtual …

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