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UK Launches Initiative To Keep Children Safe Online

Officials in the UK have announced plans to require children beginning at age 5 to be taught about online safety starting in 2011.

The new initiative called "Click Clever Click Safe" was created by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS).

YouTube Wraps Up Another Content-Sharing Deal

More professionally-produced, full-length programming (along with a lot of clips) is coming to YouTube, thanks to a deal with a television channel called Five.  Five, which operates in the UK, should bring more than 3,000 hours of content to the table.

MySpace Music Launches In The UK
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MySpace is continuing to make big strides on the music front.  Or more accurately, the social network has made a huge, across-the-Atlantic leap, as late yesterday, MySpace Music launched in the UK.

LinkedIn Celebrates 3 Million Members In The UK

If you didn’t read or somehow couldn’t guess from the title, LinkedIn’s hit a significant milestone, attracting its 3 millionth member in the UK.  This is a very good sign for the networking site that’s focused on connecting people aside from those who see each other at school or parties every week.

UK Police Arrest 2 Over ZeuS Trojan
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British police said today they have made Europe’s first arrests in the battle against an online Trojan which threatened to compromise thousands of computers in the UK.

The ZeuS or Zbot Trojan, a type of sophisticated malicious malware, is believed to have infected and accessed personal information from tens of thousands of computers around the world.

Microsoft Bing Goes Live In The UK
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Microsoft has officially launched the UK version of its search engine Bing, taking it out of beta where it has been since late May.

During the past several months of beta testing, the Bing team has been working on making its search features more relevant for UK users.

"Bing is ready for the UK consumer, with our revolutionary way of searching the Internet proving very popular," said Ashley Highfield, vice president of Microsoft UK’s Consumer and Online Business.

Social Networks Blamed For $2.25B In Lost Productivity
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Short stretches can really accumulate.  Did you know, for instance, that if someone comes back from lunch nine or ten minutes late every day, he (or she) will take the equivalent of free week of paid vacation per year?  And similarly, one IT services and technology company believes social networking is costing UK businesses $2.25 billion each year.

Hitwise: Facebook Receives One-Seventh Of UK Page Views

Google, eBay, and YouTube are all pretty big in the online world – monsters, really.  But in terms of page views – and in the UK – none of seem to them even approach Facebook’s popularity, as new Hitwise stats indicate that the social network receives about one-seventh of all page views.

YouTube Strikes Deal With UK Broadcaster
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New content – and quite a lot of it – will soon become available on YouTube.  The video-sharing site’s struck a revenue-sharing deal with Channel 4 that’ll give it access to full-length, recently broadcast shows along with about 3,000 hours of archive material. 

UK High Court Serves Injunction Via Twitter
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The UK High Court has found a new use for Twitter: serving legal injunctions.  It seems that an anonymous Twitter user was satirizing/impersonating another man, and the High Court decided that the easiest way to contact him (or her) was through the site.

Online Advertising is Having a Big Year
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Things are looking great for the online advertising industry. Several recent reports share data that is quite optimistic for the industry as a whole.

eMarketer points to research from GroupM, which claims that digital spending will be at 17% of total US ad spending in 2010. This would be an increase from 15.4% this year and 13.9% in 2008. GroupM also predicts 4% growth in US online ad spending in 2009, to $22.77 billion.

Obvious: People Don’t Want to Pay for Online News
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Paid Content UK conducted a Poll with Harris Interactive, asking respondents how much they would pay for online news, and what they would do if they’re favorite news sites started charging. The findings, perhaps not so shocking, indicate that users basically don’t really want to pay.

UK News Sites Getting Big Traffic from US
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British news sites are starting to see a lot more traffic from the US. UK Internet visits to News and Media websites grew by 8% last year according to Hitwise, and US Internet visits to UK News and Media sites have gone up by 54%.

Kanye, Swayze, Others Propel Google News to Record Week in UK

Google News had a record week in the UK last week. Hitwise attributes this largely to a big week for celebrity news.

YouTube UK To Bring Music Videos Back
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Following a blackout period of about six months, music videos are set to make their return to YouTube UK.  YouTube’s worked out an agreement with PRS for Music, a trade body that collects royalties and at one point asked to be paid about 0.36 cents each time a clip was played. 

Twitter Is Ahead Of MySpace In The UK

Twitter, media sweetheart and microblogging service extraordinaire, has another coup to add to its list: they’ve now beat out MySpace in terms of most visits in the UK.

Twitter Tops MySpace In UK, Spurs Data Center Expansion
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Although the maximum length of tweets remains locked at 140 characters, Twitter itself is turning into something of a giant.  This morning, there’s news that the site managed to beat MySpace in terms of UK Internet visits, and it also seems to have caused a data center specialist to find new facilities.

Let’s hit the MySpace-related development first.  In truth, Twitter’s accomplishment here isn’t as impressive as it might sound; Twitter’s conquest is probably due more to MySpace’s fall than its own rise.

UK Yahoo Portal Switches to Google, Not Bing
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UK site Connected Internet this week found that BT Yahoo, which is an online portal for BT Broadband users, and is run by Yahoo, is using Google Search now, rather than Yahoo search, which has been in place.

Bing News Search Holds 2% UK Market Share
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Hitwise is sharing some data on the performance of Bing News Search, one aspect of Bing that hasn’t had a lot of attention paid to it since Microsoft launched its new search engine. According to Hitwise, Bing News Search has about 2% of the market share in the news aggregators category, at least in the UK.

Google UK Office Had a Fire

Daily Telegraph reporter Jon Swaine has uploaded a picture to Twitpic, which he says shows the roof terrace at Google’s UK headquarters on FIRE! That image is below:

News of this is spreading (like…I will omit the inappropriate pun here) on Twitter at a rapid pace:

Hulu’s UK Launch Now Expected In January
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It may be a while yet before people in the UK get a chance to watch Hulu.  Although the wheels are still in motion to take Hulu across the Atlantic, no content deals have been struck, and so what was supposed to be a pre-September launch now appears to be penciled in for January.