Foursquare Shows Interest In UK Expansion


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Check-in company Foursquare may itself be on the move in a sense.  Although nothing's certain just yet, its cofounder and CEO, Dennis Crowley, has gone on the record stating that he'd like to establish an office in the UK rather soon.

Emma Barnett wrote earlier today after interviewing Crowley, "He said that they would like to open up a Foursquare office in the UK at 'some point during the next year.'  However, the company could not commit to anything at the moment as it was still trialling its first satellite office in San Francisco, away from its headquarters in New York."

A move to the UK would be interesting for the usual obvious reasons, showing that Foursquare's been successful enough in its home market to branch out and has some spare cash.

The move would also, depending on your point of view, emphasize the fact that Foursquare's been able to grow in spite of competition from Facebook.  (Consider that Facebook's quite dominant in the UK, even beating Google in terms of visits on Christmas Day.)

Crowley did tell Barnett, though, "I honestly believe that we offer a fundamentally different tool to Facebook Places.  Facebook is very good at offering its users tools for sharing things online.  We are good at facilitating activities offline, once a person has shared their location online.  Our primary aim to get people outside and doing more stuff."

We'll keep an eye out for additional developments, in any event, on both the Facebook and Foursquare sides of things.