David Cameron To Take Questions On YouTube

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Last month, something called "World View" began when YouTube users were asked to submit questions for President Obama.  Now, the series is continuing, as YouTube users have been asked to submit questions for Prime Minister David Cameron.

This is a big deal for Google's video-sharing site.  Many different politicians have been happy to use YouTube at various points, making the development something other than a breakthrough, but it's not every day that one of the most important people in the world sets aside a chunk of time for a special Q&A.

If Cameron follows Obama's lead, it's likely to be a considerable amount of time, too; Obama's video response was almost 40 minutes long.

So if you're interested, a post on the YouTube Blog explained, "[Y]ou're invited to submit questions to Mr Cameron about foreign policy, national security, and how he views the present situation in the Middle East.  In addition, you can also submit questions about issues related to domestic policy, so if you're curious about the economy, education, health, or the big society, just go to www.youtube.com/worldview to submit your question in either video or text.  You can also tweet in your question - make sure to use hashtag #askthePM in your tweet, and it will automatically be added to the World View queue."

The deadline for submissions is midnight (GMT) on Tuesday the 22nd, and then Cameron is supposed to answer some of them on Thursday the 24th.

The next person who will be in the World View hot seat has yet to be determined, by the way.

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