Twisted Metal Articles

Twisted Metal: David Jaffe Shows Off Greenlight Process

Twisted Metal, one of the PlayStation’s first original franchises, finally made its way to the PlayStation 3 in February. People have played the game and are enjoying it to this day. David Jaffe, the game’s director, saw it fit to …

Twisted Metal Movie: Sweet Tooth, Dollface, and Brian Taylor?
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On Valentine’s Day, Sony gave a sweet gift to gamers (especially those with a strong sense of nostalgia) by releasing an all new Twisted Metal game on the PS3. It follows the tried and true recipe that endeared older Twisted …

Twisted Metal Brings Car Combat To The PlayStation 3
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Sony has released the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to PlayStation gamers everywhere – Twisted Metal. For those that need an introduction to Twisted Metal, it’s the car combat game that defined the PlayStation and was first unleashed upon the world …