Twisted Metal: David Jaffe Shows Off Greenlight Process


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Twisted Metal, one of the PlayStation's first original franchises, finally made its way to the PlayStation 3 in February. People have played the game and are enjoying it to this day. David Jaffe, the game's director, saw it fit to release one of their greenlight videos. It gives fans a look into the process of how developers update publishers on how a game is progressing.

The video, called "Twisted Metal Greenlight Video," shows an early in production version of Twisted Metal. It's narrated by Jaffe himself as he gives a tour of the features coming to the then early version of Twisted Metal. There's even a look at a mode that never made it into the full game. Here's Jaffe's description of the video:

"As we make the games, we often go to meetings and/or send videos to meetings of company execs to show progress. This is one such video that shows a number of variations on the modes and gameplay that ultimately made it into the final version of PS3 Twisted Metal.I miss CHASE TO VEGAS tons...really wanted that to work but there just was not time."

We as gamers don't get to see videos like this that often as they are intended for the suits funding the game. Gamers usually get a glitzed out trailer that shows little gameplay in favor of hyping up players with fancy visuals or a pre-rendered cutscene. After seeing this though, I think games need more trailers like this. We're supposed to be getting hyped up for a game, not a movie. Show us the gameplay and explain the various modes. That's far more effective than just a pre-rendered CG video of people shooting guns to dubstep.

Should game trailers become more like this? Or do you like the big hype-inducing trailers? Let us know in the comments.