Twisted Metal Brings Car Combat To The PlayStation 3


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Sony has released the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to PlayStation gamers everywhere - Twisted Metal.

For those that need an introduction to Twisted Metal, it’s the car combat game that defined the PlayStation and was first unleashed upon the world in 1995. This is the first time the series has made its way to the PlayStation 3.

The game was developed by Eat Sleep Play, whose founders include David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, the original team behind Twisted Metal. For those worried the game might have lost its edge over the years, worry not. It features the same signature dark humor, car combat and all-out destruction that the series is known for.

Players will unfortunately be able to only play as Sweet Tooth, Doll Face and Mr. Grimm across a story that has them taking on Calypso, the man behind the Twisted Metal tournament.

"As a multi-million unit selling series, and the longest running franchise in PlayStation history, Twisted Metal is a major factor in our continued success with the PlayStation brand," Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, said. "With its introduction on the PS3, Twisted Metal delivers the series' signature dark humor and personality while adding a deep online component, unique single player experience, and vast battle environments."

Twisted Metal is bringing back an old classic - four-player split screen. On top of some friendly couch combat, the game also features numerous online modes with support for up to 16 players simultaneously. The online mode also features eight environments with 30 maps between them for players to blow each other up across.

The game features the classic online match types like team deathmatch, but it introduces new modes like Nuke as well. Nuke sees teams battling to destroy each other’s statue by kidnapping the enemy’s leader and then sacrificing them to launch a nuke.

While there is only three playable characters in the campaign, there is fortunately 16 vehicles to do battle in. The development have added in a franchise first with the Talon, a helicopter, that should make multiplayer matches far more interesting.

The campaign, while taking a backseat to the multiplayer, is no slouch. The game features the fantastic cutscenes the franchise is known for as it weaves three different tales following the exploits of Sweet Tooth, Doll Face, and Mr. Grimm. Players will also be able to go through the campaign in co-op mode.

Unfortunately, this looks like the last Twisted Metal for a while as David Jaffe is leaving Eat Sleep Play to focus on building a new studio.

So in a sense, this is as much a farewell gift as it is a Valentine's Day gift from Jaffe.

Here's the launch trailer full of love for the fans: