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Google+, Am I Forcing This Relationship? Google+, Am I Forcing This Relationship?
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I’ve been a member of Google+ for exactly three weeks today. It seems like only yesterday that I tentatively attempted a login that I was sure would fail, only to be welcomed into the selective arms of the hottest new …

Banjo: New Mobile App That Hopes to Take Social & Local Mainstream Banjo: New Mobile App That Hopes to Take Social & Local Mainstream
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Because social media is currently one of the hottest topics, everyone wants a piece of it. For this reason, new social sites are rising up continuously. Even though many of these new sites pride themselves with being unique or geared toward a particular niche, the majority of users are already on social giants like Facebook and Twitter. That said, it’s a real challenge to pull these users onto a new site, unless you’re Google.

Google+ First Impressions Google+ First Impressions
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Now that I’ve finally been allowed by the grace of God and Google to join their new social network, I thought I’d quickly run through my sub-24 hour membership impressions of Plus. Google+ is first and foremost my third major …

Does Twitter Need Email? Does Twitter Need Email?

This week, Twitter began rolling out new email notifications. While Twitter has had notifications for things like direct messages, new followers, and Twitter updates in the past, the company tweeted that it was adding notifications for when someone you follow …

LinkedIn IPO Expected Thursday LinkedIn IPO Expected Thursday
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It looks like professional social network LinkedIn will open in public markets this Thursday. Rumors of an IPO have been floating around since the beginning of the year. LinkedIn will mark the first major U.S. social network to go public, …

UberMedia to Launch Twitter Competitor? UberMedia to Launch Twitter Competitor?

Today, CNN reports that plans may be in the works for popular app makers UberMedia to form their own social network rival to Twitter that “could compete with that popular microblogging platform.” CNN cites three people who have been briefed …

Facebook Will Give Your Mobile Phone, Address Info to Developers Again
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Remember last month, when Facebook announced it was granting access to users’ mobile phone numbers and home addresses to third-party developers (upon users granting permission)? Soon after, the company suspended the feature as privacy concerns quickly escalated. 

LinkedIn Recognizes Importance of Email, Launches New Feature
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LinkedIn announced the launch of a new targeted email feature for users seeking jobs. LinkedIn members who view jobs on the service will receive recommendations automatically via email. 

The feature is powered by LinkedIn’s "Jobs You May Be Interested In" system, and the emails include results that are personalized based on the user’s profile. 

Facebook Privacy Policy Gets “Re-imagined”
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Facebook announced today that it has started a new version of its privacy policy to make it easier to understand. I could’ve swore they did that before, but now they’re going even further. This one is relying on user feedback before the company even considers implementing it. Facebook says if users like it, they’ll consider making it the official policy. 

This is an "attempt on what a privacy policy written for you could look like," Facebok says. 

Is Blogging Really in Danger Because of Social Networks?
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Here we go again with another one of those silly social media vs. blogs debates. The New York Times stirred the pot this time with an article called, "Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter."

Can you imagine ever reading only social media updates and no blogs? Share your thoughts.

Facebook Continues to Improve in Search
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I wrote an article a couple months ago, asking: What if Facebook goes search while Google struggles to go social? I looked at some of the things Facebook has done related to search, and made the case that the social networking giant has a lot of potential for becoming a bigger player in search in general. 

A Closer Look at Facebook Pages Changes
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Maybe you remember a couple of months ago when Facebook accidentally rolled out some changes to fan pages, giving all of us a sneak peek of what was to come. Well, now those changes are actually here.

Who Is Using Facebook & Twitter in the US?

According to Comscore data of U.S. users, Facebook saw its share of visitors between the ages of 35-54 drop 3.6% to 35.4%, while the share of visitors under 18 (up 1.2 to 11.1% and age 55 and older (up 1.9 to 13.2%) made the biggest gains. Twitter saw a 9.4%t gain in the share of 18-34 year olds visiting the site while those under 18 use fell 8 points to 9.5%.  Here’s the chart:

LinkedIn Launches “Skills” Product in Beta
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LinkedIn announced a new product today called LinkedIn Skills, which is designed to show areas of expertise, and who has the skills in these areas. 

Now You Can Monetize Your Facebook Fans By Promoting Their Likes
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Facebook has a new ad product that may be its most promising ad unit yet – the sponsored story. These ads are simply brand-related stories that users have already shared, but then paid for by the brand mentioned to appear in the ad space, as to attract more attention and engagement. 

Will you be promoting your fans’ engagement with your brand? Let us know.

Steps For Creating Custom Facebook Page Content
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A few months ago Facebook officially did away with the idea of adding “boxes” of custom content to Facebook pages and instead forced users into adding “applications” as the primary way to add custom layouts, tabs and content.

While this change is old news and has been covered widely, Facebook continues to tinker with the interface and so I’ve been getting lots of questions again about the steps involved in adding custom content and thought I would do a quick tutorial.

The Social Network Receives 8 Academy Award Nominations

The Academy Awards nominations list has just been released, and everybody’s favorite Facebook movie is up for 8 awards. These include: Best Picture, Best Direction, Actor in a Leading Role, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, and Music (Original Score). 

Having heard about two decades worth of Trent Reznor’s musical offerings, I think the word "original" is a bit of a stretch these days, but the score did work for the film, if you ask me. 

Visualize Your LinkedIn Influence with InMaps

LinkedIn has launched a new LinkedIn Labs product called InMaps, which shows you what your network looks like in a visual way. 

Everybody Gets the New Facebook Profile
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Facebook announced today that it is now rolling out the new profile design to all users. The design debuted last month, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in an interview for 60 Minutes on CBS, and the company made the option available for users to switch. 

Twitter for Mac App Introduced to Mac App Store

Now that the Mac App Store is open, we can expect to see apps start flooding the market. This includes the usual suspects, like Twitter. 

Twitter introduced its new Mac app today, available in the Mac App Store. The company says it’s three times faster than its original version that was previously called Tweetie for Mac. 

Facebook Loading Slow For Many Users
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Facebook appears to be having some difficulty today as numerous people have complained about loading issues in different capacities. 

Currently, we’re having trouble getting the site to load some people’s profile pictures, but based on tweets throughout the day, others are having other loading issues. 

Here are some examples we’ve run across: