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Friend.ly Acquired by Facebook Friend.ly Acquired by Facebook
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Facebook has acquired friend.ly. Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. So, what is friend.ly? Aside from having a .ly domain that actually makes sense when you say it out loud, it’s basically a social Q&A service. The official …

Ask Redesign, Human-Powered Q&A Rolls Out to All Users Ask Redesign, Human-Powered Q&A Rolls Out to All Users

Ask has 63 million users these days. That is one thing that stands out in the company’s latest announcement. The announcement itself is that Ask.com has launched its human-powered Q&A service “Ask People” to all of those users. This has …

Ask Android App Launches Ask Android App Launches

Ask has launched a new Android app offering a mobile Q&A service to users. The launch follows that of its iPhone app, which recently surpassed a million downloads. “We have placed a big bet on mobile as part of our …

Ask Adds Partners to Bolster “Smart Answers” for Q&A Ask Adds Partners to Bolster “Smart Answers” for Q&A

Ask has announced several major partnerships designed to fuel the company’s growing Q&A service. More specifically, the partnerships will drive expansion of Ask’s “smart answers” across more categories including: sports, recipes, travel and music. The point of the “smart answers” …

Ask Taps YouTube API For Enhanced Video Results Ask Taps YouTube API For Enhanced Video Results

Online video continues to blow up, and a lot of startups are capitalizing on it. Ask says that as a Q&A site, it sees a larger percentage of “how to” questions around art, science, cooking and exercise that are “begging …

Loopt Illustrates Growth of “Qs” Product Loopt Illustrates Growth of “Qs” Product

Loopt, which announced a new partnership with Groupon last week to provide users with Groupon Now alerts, is sharing some of its own usage stats. “We just hit 14,000 Qs answered in the Bay Area,” Loopt Corporate Communications Manager Sharon …

Using the New Facebook Questions for Fan Pages
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After a year of “beta testing”, a new version of Facebook questions rolled out yesterday.  Naturally, I had a ton of questions on how questions works and how brands may use questions on fan pages, which I’ll uncover below. How …

Quora Visits Tripled Last Month

According to the latest post on the Hitwise blog, the volume of visits to Quora nearly tripled in January due to considerable coverage from technology news websites. Below are highlights from the post:

The Silly Quora Debate

Over the past month or so there’s been an escalating amount of hype and discussion about Q&A startup Quora in the tech world. As a quick background, Quora was founded last year by former Facebook executives/engineers Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It raised a nice round of venture capital at a really high valuation for a company that had yet to launch.

Is New Ask Feature a Response to Growing Interest in Quora?

Ask announced today that it is rolling out the ability to personalize the Q&A experience, which has become the core focus of the site. 

Ask users can use the "Browse by Interests" tab to view questions/answers (content) that are relevant to them, which should make the experience a great deal more useful. 

How Will Quora Handle Being Both Twitter and Wikipedia?

You’ve probably noticed that Quora has been getting a lot of press here in early 2011. As a result, the site is getting a lot of new users. As a result of that, there is growing concern that Quora will have a hard time maintaining the level of quality that led to it getting all the press in the first place. 

Will Quora Go Mainstream?
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Recently, I have had an influx of Quora friend requests in my inbox. Honestly, I have not seen so many social media experts flock to a social media web site since all of my social media and search engine marketing buddies flocked to Twitter.

Try Looking At Quora For What It Is
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Quora has been around for a while now, but it’s getting a whole lot of attention from the tech Blogosphere this week. Naturally, many have questioned its value, but bloggers seem to love it. Why is that? Is Quora the "biggest blogging innovation in 10 years" as Robert Scoble asks?

Dunkin Donuts Coffee and iPads Popular in 2010 Among Ask Users

It’s now December, and in the search industry, that means it’s the time of the year that we get to look at the most searched things of the year. Bing shared its top ten searches the other day. Ask recently retired from true search, in order to focus on the niche its name suggests – questions and answers. 

Ask.com Launches Mobile App For iPhone
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Ask.com has released its mobile application for iPhone that allows users to ask and answer questions from their mobile devices.

Previously only limited to a subset of Ask.com website users, the full Ask.com Q&A experience is now available to anyone who downloads the app.

“Millions of people come to Ask.com with their questions everyday – now they don’t have to wait until they get back to their computers to get the answers they need," said Doug Leeds, President, Ask.com US.

Yahoo Answers Just Got More Valuable for Businesses
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Yahoo has released a new mobile version of Yahoo Answers. For users, this means a more convenient way to access what I believe is the biggest Answers site on the web from their mobile phones in an optimized, less painful fashion. With Yahoo Answers for mobile, users can:

Traditional Gaming Extends To Mobile Apps

While many have enjoyed gaming on their mobile devices, there has been little effort to extend traditional gaming on a PC or console to the mobile app arena. A game which looks to release next year, Guild Wars 2, is venturing out by allowing mobile app integration into the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) gaming experience.

Rick Ellis is a tech director at Arenanet, who is developing Guild Wars 2. He’s leading a team towards what is being referred to as the ‘Extended Experience‘.

ChaCha Launches MMS Rich Media, Coupon, Video Ads

ChaCha has launched a new MMS service for movie trailers, coupon images, rich media ads, and other video content to "virtually all phones". The service works on even the 75% of US mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, the company says. 

Known as an answers service, ChaCha will begin serving MMS ads to its users (ChaCha claims 15 million active monthly uniques). As mobile marketing becomes increasingly important, this might appeal to a range of advertisers. 

Ask Unveils Q&A Platform to Get Users More Answers

A couple months back, Ask unveiled its new redesign with a heavy focus on Q&A (read our interview with Ask SVP of Product Management Tony Gentile here). Now, the company has launched a Q&A Partner Platform to help grow its community of people who can answer questions.

How Facebook Handles Questions Could Play Key Role in Future Search Habits
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Facebook’s new Questions product, launched in beta earlier this week, has a great deal of potential for answering the questions of half a billion people (the most recent number of Facebook users reported by the company).

Facebook Questions Debuts In Beta
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Inquisitive people, rejoice.  Facebook, with its enormous user base and familiar layout, entered the question and answer space this afternoon by launching Facebook Questions.  The product’s still in beta right now, meaning not everyone can use it, but it’s already looking well-integrated and rather interesting.