Yahoo Answers Just Got More Valuable for Businesses

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Yahoo has released a new mobile version of Yahoo Answers. For users, this means a more convenient way to access what I believe is the biggest Answers site on the web from their mobile phones in an optimized, less painful fashion. With Yahoo Answers for mobile, users can:

  • Ask, Answer, and Discover questions as you would on the PC
  • Vote and select a best answer
  • Easily access your profile, points, and open questions to check on your activity
  • Check out new open questions being asked every second
  • Rack up more points when you’re out and about

A Good Chance To Brand Yourself As An Expert

Why should you care as a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer? A couple reasons. For one, it is a huge source of information for consumers with problems. Many look to Yahoo Answers to find the solution. For two, Q&A sites give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise in your field, which can be incredibly valuable for creating a good reputation for your brand. 

Obviously, this doesn't mean spamming Q&A sites. It means finding real questions from real people, who are looking to solve real problems that your expertise can actually help them solve, and if this is related to what your business offers, then it can help paint an authoritative image of your brand in the mind of not only the person that asked the question in the first place, but for others who stumble across the thread. 

You can , of course, apply this logic to Q&A sites beyond Yahoo Answers.

Let's Not Forget Search

As an added bonus, Yahoo Answers threads are pretty good at showing up in the top results in search engines for a whole lot of queries. 

With Yahoo offering a new, optimized mobile version of Answers, it's going to increase usage. How many times are questions asked on the go (not that people are only using their phones on the go). Mobile simply means added visibility.

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