Quora Visits Tripled Last Month

Social Media

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According to the latest post on the Hitwise blog, the volume of visits to Quora nearly tripled in January due to considerable coverage from technology news websites. Below are highlights from the post:

  • Search has been the major driver of traffic of Quora over the past 6 months and accounted for nearly 49% of the visits last week.
  • Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have also been key as users can share their both their questions and answers among their networks.
  • Among the visitors to website, the top 5 Mosaic segments represented 42% of all visits to Quora for the 12 weeks ending February 5, 2011.
  • The large share of the audience tends to be characterized by college-educated professionals, along with students poised to join those same segments following graduation.
  • For example, the largest segment currently visiting Quora is Major University Towns, which is primarily made up of students and young adults under the age of 35.
  • The Young Cosmopolitans segment is another strong segment for Quora, which tends to be the early adopters typically among the first to discover new websites.