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Rayman Legends Restores The Good Name Of Underwater Platforming

Every new trailer for Rayman Legends makes it harder to wait for the game’s September release. The latest featuring some undersea adventures mark the return of underwater levels – a level theme largely missing from contemporary platformers. Some platformers have unintentionally sullied the good name of underwater levels, but Rayman Legends looks to put them back on their pedestal of …

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Second The Cave Character Trailer Released

Earlier this month, Double Fine and Sega revealed the first character trailer for The Cave. The game is an upcoming 2-d platformer that will combine elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork between the game’s characters. The first trailer gave gamers a glimpse at The Hillbilly, The Scientist, The Monk, and The Twins characters. This week, The Adventurer, The Knight, and …

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New The Cave Character Trailer Released

Since its announcement in May, not much has been revealed about Double Fine and Sega‘s new 2-D platforming game The Cave. We know that the title will combine elements of platforming, exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork between the characters. Speaking of characters, it’s clear that Double Fine has created seven unique characters who will provide plenty of replay value through different …

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New 4D Video Game Will Blow Your Mind

The indie game genre is full of innovative design and gameplay. Indie developers have to be quirky and creative to compete in an industry where studios regularly release titles with multi-million dollar budgets. So what does a passionate math nerd do when he decides to develop an indie game? Code the landscapes of a platformer in 4 spatial dimensions, of …

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South Park: Scott Tenorman’s Revenge Trailer

The South Park crew are set to embark on a platform adventure for XBOX Live. They have just released the trailer for Scott Tenorman’s Revenge. The game is developed by Other Ocean Interactive, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios and XBox Live Productions, and is expected to be released some time this spring. Scott Tenorman’s Revenge will feature multiplayer …

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