South Park: Scott Tenorman's Revenge Trailer

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The South Park crew are set to embark on a platform adventure for XBOX Live. They have just released the trailer for Scott Tenorman's Revenge.

The game is developed by Other Ocean Interactive, in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios and XBox Live Productions, and is expected to be released some time this spring.

Scott Tenorman's Revenge will feature multiplayer action with all of the four main South Park characters. Players will battle a mechanized Scott Tenorman and his army of Gingers, along with other notable South Park bad guys, Satan and Man-Bear-Pig.

This will be the final XBOX Live exclusive game for the franchise under it's current agreement. It follows South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

A full RPG release, South Park: The Game, is currently in production by Obsidian. Though it may be delayed due to recent developer lay-offs at the company.

The new game trailer is released along with a plethora of TV trailers for the upcoming new season. South Park spoofs the anticipation of the new Mad Men season, with Eric Cartman and Kenny as Don Draper.

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