Second The Cave Character Trailer Released


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Earlier this month, Double Fine and Sega revealed the first character trailer for The Cave. The game is an upcoming 2-d platformer that will combine elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork between the game's characters.

The first trailer gave gamers a glimpse at The Hillbilly, The Scientist, The Monk, and The Twins characters. This week, The Adventurer, The Knight, and The Time Traveler are featured, though a repeat of the footage of The Twins from the first trailer is also included.

Each character in the game enters The Cave for something different, but they will have to pass through each others' "worlds" within The Cave to accomplish their missions. The Adventurer will be looking for her lost colleagues, The Knight is on a quest for a powerful sword, and The Time Traveler enters The Cave to "right a wrong a million years in the making."

Judging from the trailers and other info released about the game, The Cave may end up being the sleeper hit of January 2013. It's unique look and gameplay give it the appearance of a well-crafted game worthy of its Double Fine heritage.