Xbox LIVE Down, Microsoft Aware of the Issue

Xbox LIVE Down, Microsoft Aware of the Issue

By Sean Patterson September 4, 2012 | 1 Comment

[UPDATE] Xbox LIVE is back up, though Microsoft has not yet commented on the outage. [ORIGINAL] It’s not just you – Xbox LIVE is down. If you’ve called off work to nurse your Labor Day hangover and were hoping to …

Did the BlackBerry Outage Save Lives? Did the BlackBerry Outage Save Lives?
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Last week BlackBerry users from across the globe experienced outages with their service. Some of the reported problems included: accessing the web, using BlackBerry messenger, roaming in Europe, and even accessing their email. It was later found out that a …

PlayStation Network “Customer Appreciation Program” Detailed PlayStation Network “Customer Appreciation Program” Detailed

We’ve known that some sort of apology schwag pack has been in the pipeline since the early days of the PlayStation Network outage. As the downtime stretched to nearly one month, many were wondering how Sony was going to make …

China Pleads Innocence For YouTube Outage

Remember all the discussion of China and its approach to the Internet that was heard around the Beijing youtube-logoOlympics? It seems that a lot of that type of coverage has slid into the background until recently. Apparently once Google gets involved these items become news again.

Yahoo Apologizes For Merchant Outage
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The Monday after Thanksgiving contained a hellish several hours for Yahoo and merchants on its order fulfillment platform.

Yahoo Merchants Toasted By Monday Outage
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Customers with credit cards to burn found some of Yahoo’s merchants unable to process orders due to problems with the underlying technology.

Rackspace Wrecked By Wayward Truck Driver

Plenty of popular websites suffered a couple of hours of unanticipated downtime when a truck hit a transformer and took down Rackspace’s Dallas datacenter.

Skype Outage Dials Up Conspiracy Theories

That 36-hour blank spot where Skype’s login and authentication systems used to be may have been down for reasons beyond the official party line…but you have to believe the *truth* is out there.

Skype Brought Down By Microsoft Update

Patch Tuesday became a Friday the 13th for Skype this month, as a Windows Update devastated Skype’s authentication network.

Skype Knocked Out By The Algorithm
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VoIP company Skype experienced a massive outage due to a problem the company blamed on a deficient network software algorithm.

Social Networking Soars Around The World

Global usage of social networking sites increased dramatically year over year as tens of millions of people visited MySpace, Facebook, and similar services.

Google AdWords Gets Update Along w/ Outage
When I saw that Google had announced a new look for AdWords, my heart skipped a beat as I envisioned a sexy new interface that would put Yahoo’s recently launched Panama to shame. Alas, if it weren’t for the announcement, you get when logging in to AdWords, you may not have even noticed a change.

Six Apart Outage Caused by Stupidity

If you have a TypePad blog, you will definitely know about the denial of service attack on Six Apart’s servers earlier this week, when access to TypePad blogs (as well as other Six Apart services such as LiveJournal) was down for some considerable time.

Salesforce.com Outage Length Questioned

What Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff characterized as a “minor” 30-minute outage has drawn criticism from some customers who experienced much longer disturbances.

Salesforce Hits Problems

This is why I said “give Six Apart a break” a few days ago. Turns out that Salesforce.com had an outage the other day too.

Getting Back up to Speed with TypePad
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A welcome sight for every TypePad customer – you can access the TypePad service again and you can update your blog to reflect accurate content.

Six Apart: Perceptions and the Role of Communication

This is clearly not a good time for some companies offering blogosphere services.