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Xbox LIVE Down, Microsoft Aware of the Issue

[UPDATE] Xbox LIVE is back up, though Microsoft has not yet commented on the outage. [ORIGINAL] It’s not just you – Xbox LIVE is down. If you’ve called off work to nurse your Labor Day hangover and were hoping to kick back for some Xbox multiplayer action, you may be out of luck. The Xbox LIVE service is currently down, …

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Twitter Down: Social Media Site Experiences Worst Crash in 8 Months

Twitter goes down, minds are promptly lost. When the micro-blogging site experienced an hour-long outage this afternoon, I’m sure it caused much fist-shaking and hair-pulling. Outside of a 60 minute outage back in October of 2011, the site has remained fairly consistant. Sure, there are moments when you’ll post something extraordinarily cool and you’ll get to iconic “Fail Whale”, but, …

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Amazon Web Services Outage Brings Down Websites

Last Thursday night a power outage in a Northern Virginia data center caused some websites running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology to go down. The issue was resolved within a few hours, and Amazon was quick to provide updates on the situation at its status page for AWS. The situation began at around 9:45 PDT, and the status …

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