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This Spherical Flying Machine is One Little Ball of Awesome This Spherical Flying Machine is One Little Ball of Awesome

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if you mixed a helicopter with an airplane and then wrapped it up inside a spherical cage? Well, you’re in luck. This spherical flying machine, developed by the Japan Ministry of …

Women’s World Cup Final Breaks Twitter Record Women’s World Cup Final Breaks Twitter Record

There’s a new champion in the books, and not just in the Women’s World Cup, either. During Japan’s win-for-the-ages performance against a valiant United States squad, the tweets were flying at a record pace. Such use of the social media …

Visualizing Twitter Use During the Japanese Earthquakes Visualizing Twitter Use During the Japanese Earthquakes

Twitter’s role during, well, anything worth talking about has been pretty well defined. Whether it’s the Vancouver riots, natural weather disasters in Missouri and Alabama, discussing Dirk Nowitzki’s NBA Finals performance, or simply responding to a popular hashtag (rise & …

Google Launches Messages For Japan Google Launches Messages For Japan
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In the aftermath of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan, there has been an outpouring of support from people all over the world – both emotionally and financially. We’ve heard some great stories about how technology has aided …

The Japan Quake Maps Are Useful, Educational

If there’s some good that comes from the kind of natural disaster that hit Japan, aside from seeing people put aside their petty differences for a moment in favor of assisting those in need, it’s seeing Internet technologies being used …

YouTube Person Finder Introduced

Since the devastating earthquake and following tsunami in northern Japan, technology has played a huge role in helping people connect with family and friends involved in the disaster.  On the heels of Google Person Finder, the search tool that also …

Apple Store Helps Japanese In Need
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We are constantly being inundated with reports on how technology is making the world a cold, desolate place. That is why it is so nice when a story comes along about tech and social media that shows its true connective …

FIRED: Gilbert Gotfried No Longer Voice of Aflac Duck
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Comedian Gilbert Gotfried is known for his censor-less humor when it comes to delicate subject matters, we all remember his infamous 9/11 joke, right? Now his crass sense of humor, this time via Twitter, has gotten him fired from Aflac, …

Facebook Has Mapped Status Updates Relating To Disaster In Japan
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The Global Disaster Relief is an initiative started by Facebook to help raise awareness of natural disasters taking place across the globe. The page was started as a response to the earthquake which devastated Haiti. It’s safe to say the …

Telecom Companies Offering Free Communication To Japan

For those who have friends or family in Japan, this past week has been stressful, and worrisome. Lines of communication have been hard to come by, specifically with calls and text. To help in this regard, AT&T is allowing for …

Japan’s Earthquake Shows The Strength of Social Networking
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In the US, we can only imagine the devastation which occurred in Japan, and continues to occur as reports roll in concerning higher death tolls and more people missing. One of the scariest factors many don’t consider when an event …

Amazon Web Services Launches In Japan
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 Amazon Web  Services (AWS) said today it has launched data centers in Japan for its cloud computing platform.

Japan is the fifth region where Amazon has introduced its cloud computing platform. Amazon said it is offering support in Japanese for any users who have a Japanese language preference. In addition, AWS plans to provide in the coming months the option for billing in Japanese Yen.

Groupon Apologizes for Deal Gone Bad in Tokyo
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Groupon CEO Andrew Mason apologized to users in Tokyo for a deal that went bad a few days before the New Year’s holiday. The deal involved the delivery of food, and became too popular for the business providing the deal to handle.

They sold 500 "Groupons", and the business was unable to process the orders, leading to late deliveries, and deliveries of product in "terrible condition", as Mason describes it. 

Twitter Sees New Record Of 6,939 Tweets Per Second
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The start of a new year can cause people to think about many things, including family, friends, and personal opportunities.  And Twitter, apparently, as the company announced today that Japanese users set a global record moments after the official end of 2010.

Yahoo Japan-Google Deal Gets Regulatory Approval

A tie-up between Yahoo Japan and Google may sound unlikely for all sorts of reasons, but antitrust regulators in Japan see no reason to stop the deal from going forward.  Earlier today, the Fair Trade Commission declared that the proposed partnership isn’t anticompetitive.

A little background information: Yahoo Japan said in July that it intended to make use of Google’s search tech, which came as a surprise to many since Yahoo and Bing were moving forward together in the U.S.

YouTube Seals Its Biggest “Premium Sports” Deal Yet
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Baseball fans in Japan and four other countries have reason to celebrate today.  A record-breaking deal involving YouTube and Major League Baseball has been struck, and as a result, said fans will gain access to lots and lots of footage.

In an email to WebProNews, a YouTube representative provided some more details in the form of bullet points.  One highlight is that "[f]ull-length, catch-up MLB games [will be] available in Japan 36 hours after they air."  Historic game footage will be offered, too, along with profiles of Japanese players.

Microsoft Doesn’t Plan to Let Yahoo and Google Do Their Thing in Japan
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Microsoft is pissed that Yahoo Japan is going with Google rather than Bing. In fact, the company is reportedly moving to block the deal from going through.

Twitter To Hit Japanese Cell Phones This Summer
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Japan’s third-largest mobile communications company is poised to help Twitter become significantly more popular outside America.  SoftBank has decided to ship a total of 13 different cell phone models with Twitter applications and/or widgets preinstalled.

This will put Twitter in front of a whole lot of people, considering that SoftBank claimed to have 22,092,600 subscribers in April.  Short of a deal with Japan’s first- or third-largest mobile communications company, that seems pretty hard to beat.

Taobao And Yahoo Japan Partner On Ecommerce
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China’s top ecommerce website Taobao and Yahoo Japan have partnered to launch two online platforms to cross sell in each other’s markets.

The partnership will allow Yahoo Japan merchants to list some eight million items in a Chinese-language TaoJapan section.

Taobao, a subsidiary of ecommerce firm Alibaba group, will offer 50 million products from China to Japanese consumers on Yahoo Japan’s China Mall. The two platforms will launch on June 1.

Google Plans Office Tower Move In Japan

Google’s poised for another quantifiable growth spurt, this time in Japan.  Officials have confirmed that the search giant will be moving into a larger office space this year, joining Yahoo Japan, Ferrari Japan, and a number of other interesting companies in Mori Tower.

Watching YouTube Videos on Your Microwave
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There’s a microwave that has been getting some attention this week. It’s called CastOven, and it plays YouTube videos while you cook your food. Not only does it play videos, but it plays videos specifically catering to the amount of time you have the microwave set for.

The CastOven was created by two designers from Keio University in Japan, Keita Watanabe, Ph.D. and Shota Matsuda. Their description of the CastOven reads as follows: