Twitter Launches Branded Pages in Japan

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You got it, brand pages from Twitter advertising are now available in Japan, and DoCoMo (page pictured above) is one of the first to take advantage of the the space. DoCoMo is Japan's largest mobile operator. So far the US the UK and now Japan are the only countries to get Twitter brand pages.

TNW reports that DoCoMo, Lawson & Warner, and Entertainment Japan are some of the first major companies onboard for the pages, but more are soon to follow. Twitter is immensely popular in Japan. Last year Twitter gained even more success when they partnered with Mixi, one of Japan's most popular social networking sites.

Asiajin, a popular Japanese blog, reports that Warner Entertainment Japan has also jumped on board the Twitter's new service. Their brand page can be viewed below:

Twitter Japan Warner Entertainment

We'll keep you up to date as Twitter continues to expand in Asia and elsewhere.

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