Tokyo Court Orders Apple to Pay for Flaming iPod

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A Setagaya-ku, Tokyo couple won roughly 600,000 yen (about $7,400) in damages from Apple Japan, after an iPod Nano caught fire and burned the woman. There have been complaints of Apple devices getting hot, and lately the new iPad has come under scrutiny for the heat it generates. Still, the Japan incident involved a first generation iPod Nano that was apparently spitting fire - the Google translation from Asahi Shimbun digital reads "fire come out from the product."

Judge Takeo Sakae announced his verdict on Wednesday, stating, “It is recognized the battery has an overheating defect.” Because fire come out from the product, damages were awarded covering medical bills for the woman burned, along with the desk that the Nano was charging on when it caught fire. There was a mention of alimony, though there is no word on whether or not the plaintiffs divorced over the flaming device. Apple Japan had no comment on the matter, and stated that reporters should ask Apple U.S.

While Apple got a break on the transporting of its lithium batteries last year, the company has had some problems in the past. In 2005, Apple recalled 128K laptops, due to their batteries being fire hazards, and more recently, there have been multiple reports of iPhones exploding all over the world.

Interesting, Apple issued a recall for its first generation iPod Nano last year, citing a fire hazard. Strange that a company would recall a product that had been on the market for almost a decade, but exploding batteries are no joke. The Setagaya-ku couple must not have been aware of the replacement program.

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